5 Continents In 3 Years On Fully Funded Global Opportunities - My Blueprint

Do you ever wonder about Fulfillment? Money? Enjoyment? Employment? Global Recognition? I wondered for several years but I found my answer. I will be sharing it in this 3.5 hours online simplified course.

Who is this Online Course for?

Youths & Professionals (20-45) looking to access, attract & win grants, fellowships, international speaking engagement, scholarships & other global opportunities to fund their self-development journey, grow their business, sponsor their education and get into global networks.

What You Will Learn

-The types of opportunities THAT EXIST AND THE ONES you should apply for at your stage of life.

-Know the common eligibility criteria/Know the opportunities you are eligible for

-What you can use to apply for them

-The places you will find such opportunities

-How to search for relevant opportunities on the internet

-Steps to take after you find the opportunity

-The types of questions to expect in any

That's not all... There's a Workshop!!! We won't just teach you, we will show you how to do it.

Who am I to teach you?

I am Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju, the ONLY person you have come across who has travelled to 5 continents on someone else’s money by winning and attracting 30+ global opportunities, gaining a network of people from 167 countries, global recognition, and a high level of fulfilment in 3 years. 

What Is My Story

Very early on in life, I knew I wasn’t one to choose money over fulfillment or happiness.

But I acknowledge that I will need money to do some impact works that bring me fulfillment.

I wondered how I can achieve all these in my YOUTH.

I wanted to achieve fulfillment, money, enjoyment, global recognition, employment, and impact.

This is one of the reasons I chose to be a YOUTH TEACHER. (Yep! I teach at the University and I founded this Edtech social enterprise; I-Train Africa for youths. So Yep! I am an academic and entrepreneur) 

But I knew that the regular teaching professional alone may not do it. So I thought about other means.

I am a natural entrepreneur, creative, and strategist.

So I searched for how I could marry all these to live a fulfilling life.

Then I stumbled on global opportunities in my quest for knowledge.

I discovered that just by securing them, I could get:

Fulfillment by bringing the works I do for youth to the global stage and have people in these programs help me find solutions to the problems that plague us especially in Africa.

Enjoyment - Like really, the travels serve as vacation and I could do it on some else money too. It's more like I was on vacation only that it is better because I get to do it in a group. Everyone will agree that group travels are fun.

Money - Imagine getting money as grants to fund what I need to get done. I would have had to raise money for my research as an academic or for my business as an entrepreneur anyway. But just by knowing how to apply for these scholarships & grants, I could get them free which makes my life and journey easier.

Global recognition - While people have to struggle to achieve this, I could position for it and attract it.

Employment - I get to teach people from my experiences on my journey to the global stage and also get offered jobs for my expertise.

Now to the questions again

Do you ever wonder about Fulfillment? Money? Enjoyment? Employment? Global Recognition?

I did wonder, but I found my answer in 1 thing:


Imagine if I had to pay for all these myself!

I know you do not have a roadmap on how to get started on this so I will be giving you the blueprint in this 3-hour webinar

Truth is, it took me over 3 years to figure this out and another 3 years to achieve expertise. 

I can HELP YOU find YOUR WAY just by spending 3 hours instead of 3 years to figure it out. 

Sign Up to this online course where I show you a blueprint on how to start this journey to achieve ALL.

1 more thing, I am not one of those teachers who has knowledge without teaching skills. Everyone who has been in my class goes on to rave about the simplicity & clarity I bring to the most complex subjects. So yeah, this will be worth your time.

There is a reason I am called “CLARITY KING” or “THE KNOWLEDGE DISTLILLER”.

Sign up to find out!

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