Are you an

Early-Mid Career Professional, Aspiring Thought leader or Executive

who needs to SECURE remote INTERNATIONAL Jobs, and get RECRUITERS REACHING OUT TO YOU instead of sending your CV endlessly without a response?


A mid-senior level professional/executive who DESIRES  at least one INVITATION TO SIT ON A GLOBAL BOARD or speak at a Global gathering with an ALL-EXPENSE PAID trip attached to it?

Have you always heard of LinkedIn, how people get jobs that pay in $ dollars like my remote role as the Global Project Coordinator at the U.N Live that allows me to work from home and cover 25 locations globally? 

Are you wondering how seemingly “ordinary people” use this platform to build a career, and make a global impact while living in the part of the world they choose?

 Are you wondering how to start or navigate LinkedIn because you know ALL THIS VALUE YOU “CARRY” is more than those who have landed HUGEEEE INTERNATIONAL ROLES  but you just do not seem to get the HANG OF IT?

Do you need a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE on how to start and where to start?

Then Tell Yourself Congratulations Because Today Is The Day I Get To HELP YOU using my GUIDE.

Get This N3000/$7 E-Book That Contains Points that I have used to offer guidance to my clients such as Phebe who had no idea how to communicate her VALUE effectively to position herself to attract the right OPPORTUNITIES on LinkedIn.

I am giving it to you FOR AS LOW AS N3,000 / $7 for the next 48 hours.

Yes! You heard me right. Just #3,000 Naira for the next 48 hours.

What Exactly Is This, A Course Or Book?

The “DON’T DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO ATTRACT GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES IN 6 WEEKS OR LESS” Is An Easy-To-Follow Downloadable Ebook  To Help Early-Mid Career Professionals, Aspiring Thought Leaders, and Executives understand WHAT SHOULDN’T BE DONE ON LINKEDIN AND THE IMPORTANT SECTIONS TO OPTIMIZE TO ATTRACT INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. This 45 minutes read downloadable GUIDE contains some strategies I have used to help my premium clients like Phebe get noticed for global opportunities in 6 weeks or less

Are You Wondering Who Phebe Is? let's Read From her

“After learning to position strategically with my profile, I was approached to serve on international professional boards and hiring managers kept reaching out to poach me”.

The course helped me reflect on my past achievements and my strengths and how to communicate that value effectively to position myself to attract the right opportunities I immediately could apply the knowledge to optimize my LinkedIn – I have since been approached to serve on international professional boards and hiring managers to keep reaching out to poach me. The last time I was asked for my bio for a speaking event, I didn’t have to sweat it. I had learned how to communicate who I am effectively and in multiple ways. I like the fact that I can do it myself whenever I need to and not have to ask or pay someone to do it for me.”

Phebe Porbeni – HR Tech Expert. @womentorshiphub (IG)

Is This E-Book For You?

  • Are you new to LinkedIn or you have had a profile but done practically nothing since you opened it?
  • Are you someone that keeps thinking “All these job people are getting off LinkedIn Is A  Lie?
  • Are you an absolute starter who doesn’t even know how to open a LinkedIn account?
  • Are you someone who doesn’t know how to use LinkedIn? I mean you log in to the platform and you are wondering what next to do or how to navigate it?
  • Or you are someone who understands LinkedIn a bit but does not know what shouldn’t be done on the platform in order not to ruin your reputation?
  • Or you are someone who doesn’t even know how powerful LinkedIn is?
  • Or are you that person who is wondering what are the 5 most important sections on LinkedIn you can use to GET NOTICED and POSITION properly to be seen? 

If you answered YES to any of the questions above,

Then You Should Sign Up!

Who Is This E-Book Not For ?

  • Professionals who already understand the basics of positioning and how to prepare a LinkedIn profile to attract Global Opportunities.

What Will You Learn In This E-Book

The things Zainab learnt. An early-career HSE professional who has less than 3 years of experience but attracted a recruiter within 6 weeks of implementing the strategies I gave her.

Are you wondering who Zainab is?

Read from her directly.

Did You See What She Wrote In The Screenshot? Now, Read Her Story.

Zainab Has Less Than 500 Connections, 3 Years Work Experience And Just A BSc But She Got A Recruiter Reaching Out To Her Within 6 Weeks Of Using My Strategy.

Meet Zainab Adio

Zainab is my sister who is an early career person. She has always wanted me to create learning that could suit early-mid career professionals (1-7 years of work experience). I told her I only offer this service to my premium client. But, she was able to cajole me to create such learning. In February, she took my learning on profile and LinkedIn optimization. As of then, she had less than 3 years of work experience, with a BSc from UNILAG. That’s about it. She sent me this message on April 23, two days later on April 25, the recruiter reached out to her treating her like a celebrity by asking her the time that would be convenient for her to interview for her desired role.

Yes! She paid for this training in case you were wondering.

Here Is What This Ebook Will Teach You

The time for talking is over… It’s time to take action.



By The Way, here is what people have already gotten their E-books have to say about it.

There Is More!!

You get a 5-day complimentary e-mail series FOR FREE to teach you more strategies around what I’ve used to secure Global Opportunities and get people to reach out to me.

It Can Only Be Me Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju that gives this as a bonus.

I Am Nice Like That


Have We Even Met?

I’m Dr. Aderinsola Adio- Adepoju, the Founder of I-Train Africa.

I have attracted 18+ Global Opportunities.

I have attracted most of them using my network and LinkedIn.

The most recent ones are:

• My Job with the Museum for the United Nations (UN Live) as a Program Coordinator covering 25 locations globally which is my current role.



• A Paid International Role As The Design Lead For Nigeria On A Global Project By The National Heritage Museum Of London In Collaboration With The United Nations Live Museum. This Project Is A Global Project Taking Place In Nigeria, China, England, Brazil & India

• All-Expense Paid Trip To Dubai To Speak At The SDGs Global Goals For Between Jan 15 – 22, 2022

Nomination As The 2022 UNLEASH Ambassador For The Sub-Saharan African Region.

UPG sustainability leader for 2021; A selection that was made from over 4000 applicants and
167 countries…

And above all…A Global Citizen!

Some People Call me:

THE CLARITY KING; because I have this uncanny ability to help people see things clearly…
and cut through the clutters”.

GLOBAL COACH; because I train people on how to become a global citizen… to stay abreast
with the trend and opportunities lurking around…(over 5000 of my students, who I trained
are now a global citizen)”


THE KNOWLEDGE DISTILLER; because I am a very good teacher.”

Of Course, I have been to 5 continents on funded scholarships, grants etc. 



More Success Stories 

“International organizations sent me interview messages without me even reaching out to them in the second week of getting on Dr Derin’s program. This had never happened to me before in my life despite my 12+ years of experience working across 3 countries”.

Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju first started by helping me gain clarity then we used what she calls her PPP framework to get me to design a PROFILE, get my PLATFORMS ready and POSITION me strategically to attract these global opportunities. The most insane thing happened just 2 weeks after I learnt. I was telling my friend how my profile got me emails from recruiters without application. Even the recruiters that had no need for me yet reached out to say they would chat me up when there was an opening because I had a compelling profile. I told my friends all this then he requested I write his. Trust me, sharp girl, I charged him $200 to write it. I charged another of my friend the same. I made my money to learn back in multiples. I honestly think Dr. Derin doesn’t charge enough for the level of value she gives in her trainings. From the multiple job interviews to the global incubation lab I got into to me getting to exclusive networks, and a job of my dream that now pays me in dollars, I can say I owe Dr. Derin some thousand dollars for this knowledge as tithe”

Ivie Osobase (@iviefolashadeosobase) – Marketing and Communications professional.

Ivie made quick cash of $400 from 2 of her friends (she helped them optimize their profile) after learning how to optimize her LinkedIn profile for herself, securing a remote international role with a German company.

Will you just open LinkedIn and not position yourself to attract Global opportunities on it? 


Will you get the knowledge required to position yourself up for success…
And increase your chances of getting selected for that board seat or International speaking engagement?

I want to pay now but I have questions.

Here you go. We compiled a list of answers to the questions you may have


What exactly is this?

It is a downloadable E-Book in a pdf format



No, it doesn't


Will i get a support group when i buy this E-Book

NO you don't get access to a support community



Yes, you can download it as a PDF. It's a lifetime access. Once you download it you can use it for as long as you want.



Yes, you can pay from 12+ countries in various currencies using any of the red buttons on this page.



To pay via bank transfer, you pay an amount of N3,000 to the account below Bank Name – Guaranty Trust Bank Account name - I-Train Africa Account Number Naira – 0640684188

If you will rather pay via bank transfer (for Nigerians only).

Use the information below to pay via bank transfer then send the following to


  • A screenshot of your payment receipt
  • Full Name 
  • Phone Number 
  • E-mail Address

After paying and sending these details, give us 3-24 hours (During workdays and hours) to validate your payment

Use the information below to pay via bank transfer (Nigerians Only)

Bank Name – Guaranty Trust Bank

Account name – I-Train Africa

Account Number Naira – 0640684188


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