Meet Aderinsola Adio- Adepoju; Founder: I-Train Africa

The Global Citizen.

People often refer to her as




All these titles stems from her ability to pass on knowledge and help her audience understand the most complex learnings in the simplest of ways.

When asked to define herself in a word, Aderinsola typically says “EDUCATOR”

She is not just knowledgeable, she is a born, skilled and experienced teacher, facilitator and speaker. Her audience even in  prerecorded videos are typically transfixed by the energy she brings to the room when she is speaking or training. 

It’s time to experience her. 

Listen to her speak at the University of Lagos to final year students of the Chemistry department on how to use their research to access global opportunities.

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Some of the platforms Aderinsola has spoken at:

Radio Interview
A panelist discussion on discuss entrepreneurship at Wfm 91.7. The first Nigeria radio station for women.
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Soapbox Science .
Soapbox science is a global outdoor speaking platform for communicating science to layman. Invited as a speaker at the ever first soapbox event in Nigeria that held in 2019, at University of Lagos, Nigeria.
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A virtual event for the Muslim youths in diaspora to speak on youth development
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What people are saying when they listen or learn from Aderinsola

“Derin helped me find direction in less than one hour through one of her live clarity sessions/webinars for a multipotentialite. I have always been on a journey to finding purpose and always asked myself “why” do I do all that I find myself doing? Why do I suddenly get tired and want more from it all? Derin helped me find a better understanding and helped me align my purpose to who I am and what I do.”

Abeebat, CEO of Habeebat Cakes and Confectionaries 

“Mrs Adio-Adepoju is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. She is blessed with the ability to teach and make the hardest things become as simple as ABC.”

Olukunle Akinborewa, Cardiac Physiologist

Wondering who Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju is?

Aderinsola is an educator, life coach, researcher, entrepreneur, and expert on the SDGs & accessing global opportunities. 

Aderinsola is a Ph.D. student with her ongoing research aimed at finding a sustainable solution to the reoccurring lead poisoning incidents in artisanal gold mining regions in Northern Nigeria.


Aderinsola is an international speaker and coach with a track record of inspiring, educating, motivating, and helping her audience achieve clarity, direction, and results.

Listen to her Speak to High school students  at the Mademoiselle Foundation event in 2019 on STEM. A physical event at Onikan, Lagos Nigeria

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“I wondered how people got noticed and got people to reach out to them with global opportunities. What I did not know was that they were strategically positioned for it. We women are especially guilty of being so valuable yet hiding ourselves. I knew I needed help. I first joined one of Derin’s webinars for women who had abandoned their global ambitions. At the end of that webinar, I decided, NO MORE. My mindset shifted in 4.5 hours. I called Derin and got on her 12-week program. 4 weeks in, I was no longer wondering, I couldn’t believe the magic that was happening. I was getting noticed by the movers and shakers in the energy industry. I love the way she holds my hand till I deliver. Derin doesn’t allow you fail, she drags you to the global stage.”

Augustaheavens Ikevuje, Oil & Gas Business Expert

Derin is who I refer to as “The Clarity King”. Her ability to give clarity to high-impact projects and teach novices how to win global opportunities is unprecedented across Africa. I just feel bad I did not find Derin before now,

Ivie Osobase, Marketing and Communications professional

Listen to her Speak to High school students  and Youth At the United Nations day 2019, Lagos Nigeria

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Aderinsola teaches Chemistry at the SFS, the University of Lagos Nigeria with a mission to use this avenue to advocate for 21st-century market-aligned skills.

Aderinsola was invited as a speaker at the first Soapbox Science, Lagos, 2019, and also at 2019 United Nations Day “The future we want, The United Nations we need” where she spoke on skills and education.

More People Keep Talking About Her Mode Of Delivery

“Thanks so much for the class, it is worth paying for. Now I know the area should focus on. I enjoyed every of your teaching explaining everything perfectly well even a layman can understand it. You are a perfect teacher”

Peter Blessing (ugheli, Nigeria) @blesscollectio

“Coach, I did not even tell you, you know after I applied for the UPG sustainability program and won a slot as one of the 500 from 120 countries, I redid my profile like you advised and update it on LinkedIn. You remember you vetted it on Feb 20 and said I was good to go. Between that time and now, 3 HR people reached out to me to interview me for a role. I was shocked. Coach, it even took  several days to reply to one and I was now dictating to her that if it is not a specific role she should not bother o. That I will not even show up for the interview” My husband was telling me that Elizabeth, you are now hot cake o, I said yes now, my money for this coaching program is working. This is someone that was telling me how can I pay such amount for online program. The moment I  won the first opportunity early Feb,  I mean the UPG suitability program I applied for, he had to admit I made a good decision to purchase the program. So when I started attracting jobs, he was just saying, this program is good o. I told him, before nko”  

Elizabeth Oghenero-Gbrika, Finance Professional

Listen to her Speak to Freshmen  of The Faculty of Science University Of Lagos about STEM Skills needed by a 21st century youth in 2019.

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Aderinsola has won several global opportunities such as grants, awards, business labs, innovation labs, fellowships, etc estimated at over $30,000 that has taken me across 5 continents in 3 years and 90% of them were FULLY funded. She has also helped her clients win global opportunities worth over $400,000

She has equally ATTRACTED 15+ of the opportunities she wanted such as global speaking events, awards etc.

Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju is an UNLEASH Ambassador 2021 and 2022 and UPG sustainability leader 2021. 

Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju has trained 15,000+ youths across Africa via various means on the SDGs & how to access such opportunities via her programs and 4 online communities with over 9000+ members across 4 continents.

Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju is the convener of the Global Mentorship Conference For African Youth: An annual Conference for youths across Africa. The maiden edition (October 2021) had over 15,000 registered participants from 40+ African countries and speakers from 25+ Nations.

Aderinsola Granting An Interview In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Aderinsola is an entrepreneur with a mini MBA from the International Finance Corporation (IFC). She has over 13 years of management/teaching experience as the CEO/lead trainer of Deryne Couture

Mrs Adio-Adepoju is a happy wife, mother and a passionate leader who lives to educate African youths 


  1. Global opportunities such as grants, scholarships, international jobs, etc.
  2. Design Thinking
  3. Sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  4. Soft and life skills
  5. Visibility and strategic positioning for professionals and thought leaders
  6. Development of African youths
  7. Climate issues
  8. Mentorship
  9. Networking
  10. Clarity
  11. Blueprint of starting up a business/Entrepreneurship
Words From The Global Coach Herself
” Hello, I am one person who gets excited and jumps with joy when I am about to pass on knowledge. I say to people all the time, I chose to teach, I never wanted to be any other thing since my 3rd year at the University. I LOVE changing lives through my words. One thing you can be sure of is, no trainer/speaker can teach/speak on these topics better and know more about the SDGs, strategic positioning for global opportunities, youth education, building global networks, starting up a business, strategic and design thinking as I, Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju do. I am a born, skilled, learned and experienced facilitator, University Teacher, Coach & Mentor who uses case studies, immersion methods of learning, and motivation to ensure my audience is transfixed and leaves my class with clear steps on how to execute the newly acquired information, knowledge, and skills. I have results & tons of testimonials across social media & websites from youths from 40+ African countries I have trained/mentored  to back up my claim.
Now that you know all what I can do for you, 
let’s work together”. 

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