Winning Answers to 40+ Questions asked in Business Grant Application & How to Create a Financial Statement

For 9 years, I ran a fashion business without scaling.

It was not about money; I lacked world-class business training, which can only be delivered at world-class business schools or global business/innovation labs.

This meant I had to WIN a spot at such HIGHLY COMPETITIVE opportunities.

In 2018, I won a spot in the most coveted Innovation Lab in the world.


Here, I understood the true meaning of innovation and how the design thinking process can help transform a business idea into a real product.

In 2019, I became unapologetic about applying for world-class business training and grants.

I won 3 such global trainings that LIBERATED MY business and gave me the freedom to start another global business. I-Train Africa. 

I got selected as 1 of the 50 women from 36500 for the Womenpreneur Pitch-A-Ton 5 million naira grant and Mini MBA.

I was also selected for the Ayada Franco-German Business Lab, which has entrepreneurs from different African countries.

I was also selected for the ImpactHer Women training for Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and other African countries.



If you are a business owner and startup founder, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW to provide WINNING ANSWERS to 40+ questions typically asked in BUSINESS GRANT / BUSINESS TRAINING APPLICATIONS via this prerecorded workshop like Ope who got this course on August 8 and Won by Sept 29.

Derins unique approach with relatable examples makes it superior. She’s optimistic and brings such positive energy to her classes, and you know you’ll get in, which we did. – Ope Bakre – 1 of the selected Winners of the 2021 Womenprenuer Pitch-A-Ton Mini-MBA and 5 million Naira grant program

“Taking the course helped me frame my responses to a grant application for our company. Initially, I had filled out the form but felt it needed a more professional approach. Mrs. Adio-Adepoju knows her onions. Her unique approach with relatable examples makes it superior. She’s optimistic and brings such positive energy to her classes, and you know you’ll get in, which we did. We made it past the first round of screening and are hopeful for the best. You also get after-sales support, which is available 24/7 and 365. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to win at a global level” – Ope Bakre: Founder Prohealth_ng

What Exactly Is Winning Answers to 40+ Questions asked in Business Grant Application & How to Create a Financial Statement

It is a 4.5-hour prerecorded workshop that covers the questions asked in 2 major global business grant and business training applications.

In this workshop, 40+ questions were answered using examples of businesses from different sectors, such as fashion, education, health, technology, beauty, agriculture, etc.

That is not all. A financial expert taught for one hour how to create a financial statement for your business. This document is typically needed in most global applications.

We also had insights on the importance of storytelling delivered by a past winner of a global business grant who has also won other grants worth $100,000

Is This Course For You? Find Out

Are you a business owner who needs to submit applications for business grants, labs, innovation labs, and training and win them?
Are you a business owner or startup founder who needs to win FREE money (GRANTS) but does not understand the meaning of most of the questions asked in these applications?
Do you have a problem preparing financial statements as a startup or business owner for several of these applications, such as the TEF, Womenpreneur Pitch-A-Ton, and Ayada Franco-German Business lab?

Take a look at all you will learn On This Course


This module is designed to help you find clarity on all questions about your business's mission and purpose. They are asked in different ways. This module explains the different ways to answer these questions and answer them.


This module explains how you answer the questions about your marketing, plan, business plan and processes.

importance of storytelling: insight from past winner of business grant

This module showcases the experience of a past business grant winner and how storytelling helped her win her pitch.

unique selling proposition and business structure

This module describes how to answer the question of what is special about your business and how to structure it, even if you are a one-man business.

qualities of an entrepreneur , social impact and sustainability

This module describes how to explain your business's social impact, sustainability aspect, and the way this type of question comes. It also explains what to say/write for answers that will ensure you come across as a sustainable business.

creating a financial statement

The financials of your business are critical in winning any grant. This module explains in detail how to create one for grants and a comprehensive one for your business. It also explains how to convert them into acceptable formats to upload to your application

brand story, and tell us about your business

These questions are asked in all applications and are the most important to answer. This module highlights what should be included in these types of questions for product—and service-based businesses.

Questions and answers

This module covers other questions and answers about business registration and requirements for these applications.

there is More

we have bonuses that comes with the course


This workbook is a step-by-step guide that teaches you 30 things you need to organize you applications and some apps/tools you need.

meet the Lead Coach & Founder

I am Aderinsola Adio—Adepoju, Founder of I-Train Africa, Teacher at the University of Lagos, UNLEASH Ambassador 2021, and UPG sustainability leader 2021. I am a global citizen.

I have won several global opportunities, such as grants, awards, business labs, innovation labs, fellowships, etc., estimated at over $30,000, that have taken me across 5 continents in 3 years, and 90% of them were FULLY funded.

I was recently selected as a UNLEASH Ambassador and UPG sustainability leadership leader from over 4000 applicants and 167 countries.  

Before I became a global citizen, I would apply for loads of opportunities, and all I got was the “Your application was great, but we are sorry….” kind of rejection emails. In 2017, I finally got a breakthrough. I won the first opportunity to attend 2 weeks of all-expense-paid training in Brazil. That was it. I kept winning and winning because I had finally gotten the formula; all I had to do was apply that formula to the next application. It did not matter whether I was applying for a business-related opportunity or an academic one; the formula kept working. I helped those in my inner circle for the longest time after that, but in 2021, I knew it was time to help more people get to the global stage.
I want to turn those rejection emails into CONGRATULATIONS   emails like the ones I now receive.

When I am not teaching you how to access opportunities, “AKA what I do, aside from travelling the world on someone else’s money, I am carrying out research for my PhD at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, where I also teach entry-level students chemistry.

I am a successful fashion entrepreneur with over 10 years of teaching and management experience in this industry.  

You must have noticed I am a teacher across the board, right?

Yeah. I am passionate about shaping the lives of youths, and I am on a mission to reach 500,000 youths by 2023 through coaching, mentorship, teaching, accountability groups, online courses, classrooms, and books.

I would love to help you become a global citizen like me.

I cannot wait to see you in this course.



Meet ABIBAT ADEBISI SANUSI (@sanusi_abibat), my friend and a rice farmer whom I first met in 2019. I offered her guidance on how to harness her rice farming to secure global opportunities. In 2021, she won two international opportunities to Dubai and Rwanda to meet investors.

She is the CEO of MitchellMartin Nigeria Limited, a resourceful entrepreneur who wasn’t aware of the global opportunities available to her in her agribusiness.

I met Abibat in 2019, and we talked about it. She showed me her product, and I told her she was sitting on a gold mine. I told her about global opportunities, and one of her major fears was not wanting to go abroad for extended periods because of family and other things.

I asked who told you global opportunities were only about travelling abroad. She asked for direction, and I showed her the countless ways to access opportunities. She felt pained she had been allowing opportunities to pass her by due to ignorance.

In just two years, she has built her portfolio as a winner of several grants and awards. Part of her win was being awarded a scholarship to become a United States Government Alumna, Washington DC. She recently won a travel award to Dubai and Rwanda, which she’ll honour in October 2021 and December 2021, respectively, to meet investors.

She has gotten a network. 

She now exports her rice out of Nigeria.

She is getting funding from investors. 

She is also travelling to gain exposure. 

I Came Across I-Train Africa Via An Instagram ad and Paid For A Course, 1 Month Later, I won A spot at UNLEASH; The biggest Innovation Lab In The World - Felicia Naaki, Winner of UNLEASH Global Innovation Lab 2021

Are You Thinking What I Think You Are Thinking?

Oh, It is Expensive!

I agree with you; it is EXPENSIVE. 

Expensive is relative. 

What do I mean?

If I see something I need that would take me 3 years to package into knowledge at a fee, I will first calculate how much I earn per hour. Let us say I earn $2 (I know this is way lower than what you earn or can earn per hour). I multiply it by 8 hours, which is a fair number of hours to work daily. I multiply this by the number of days in a year, which is 365 days. Then, I multiply it by 3 years. 

Let us do the maths. 

THAT IS A WHOPPING $17,520 | #7,200,000

Do You Still Think It Is Expensive?

Your Time Of Learning For Years Through Trial And Error is EXPENSIVE.

Is It Worth It?

I know You Know It Is Not Expensive But You Are Asking, Is It Worth It? Is my Investment Worth It?

What do you think about investments? 

I consider anything an AMAZING investment if I can get double what I invested in 1-year i,e, 100% 

But here is the thing: what if you invest $125 | N50,000 in this course and you get a grant or another opportunity worth $5000?

You know what that means, right? 

Your ROI (returns on investment) is 4000%

1 more thing

You get more than money from Global Opportunities





Access to all the modules that TEACH you how to draft USP, answer questions around tell us about your business, about your self and 40+ other questions that are commonly asked.

A 1 hour training on how to draft a financial statement

A free bonus guide that shows you tools to use and how to organize your application.

when you get to win these opportunities, the network you get gives you access to people who offer you more opportunities

You will need to belong to certain networks to hear about certain opportunities. Here is your chance to get into a global network. 

Join us Now. Your business needs an upgrade and you know it.

Let someone else pay for the trainings that is worth millions that will help your BUSINESS SCALE.

All you need to do is pay a token for this training that will teach you how to WIN SUCH GLOBAL BUSINESS GRANTS AND TRAININGS

here is what getting into global trainings and network looks like

I want to pay now but I have questions.

Here you go. We compiled a list of answers to the questions you may have


How will I access the course

Once you make payment, you get access to the videos immediately or within 24 hours for bank transfers or international payments.


What exactly is this course

It is an online course for business owners, founders, and anyone who wants to learn how to apply for business grants, business trainings , business labs and global innovation labs (accelerators/incubators)


What device is needed to take the course

Any internet-enabled device such as smartphones, laptops, etc. is suitable to take this course


How long do I have access to the course

12 months from the day of purchase


Is there a support group for the course

No there is no support. The online course is very practical. If you need, further support or application review, please book one of our 1-on-1 services via the Ebook and Services section on this website


How much is the course

$125 | N50,000


Will I get results

Yes, if you put in the work. Aderinsola guided Ope, Kunle, Phebe, Abibat, Felicia and others who have results. Results do not lie


Are the videos downloadable

No. But your free guide is downloadable


What if I have other questions

Please send an email to itrainafrica@gmail.com or chat us on +2348053453099

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