In line with its Agenda 2063, the African Union has set a robust goal of achieving 50% women representation in decision-making roles across private and public sectors. With nations like Ethiopia already having a female president and Rwanda demonstrating a majority female parliament, the momentum is undeniably building.
While the statistics are encouraging, it’s crucial to also acknowledge the obstacles. Gender pay disparities, societal norms, cultural biases, skewed policies, limited mentorship opportunities, demanding family responsibilities, restricted access to global networks, lack of funding for women entrepreneurs, and workplace prejudices are daily realities for many African women.
However, there’s a silver lining – the mere acknowledgment, discussion, and debate of these issues indicate their recognition for potential change. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations are diligently working to foster an environment where women can excel in their professional pursuits. In light of this, we at I-Train Africa are taking the lead in addressing some of these challenges through the Global Mentorship Conference.
This conference is tailored to equip African women with clarity, direction, networking opportunities, mentorship, and leadership training. Collectively, these components furnish them with a well-defined pathway for their progression to influential decision-making roles in their chosen careers across four pivotal categories:
Core Professional (9-5ers): Operating within organizations
Building Start-ups (entrepreneurs): Establishing and nurturing innovative enterprises
Tech Gig Economy (Freelancers): Independently working for various clients
Academia: Engaging as researchers or higher education educators
This conference, along with its post-conference activities, aims to empower African women to reach the pinnacle of their chosen paths by providing:
Clarity & Direction: Helping them understand where to focus their efforts and how to proceed.
Mentorship: Enabling early to mid-stage professionals to accelerate by learning from senior experts, minimizing pitfalls, and reducing career setbacks.
Global Opportunities: Facilitating mid to senior-level professionals to compete effectively on a global scale.
Global Network Access: Offering career-oriented women the opportunity to build for a successful future.


-Responsible for controlling the flow of chat in each breakout room.

-Making sure the event rules are being adhered to.

-Ensuring that all panellist members get questions directed to them.

Keep the conversations professional and free of conflict.


- Monitor and support allocated team leads and moderators, to ensure a standardized and consistent approach to quality assurance, moderation, feedback, and processes .

-Conduct regular evaluations and provide constructive feedback to moderators.

-Produce moderator reports, reporting on trends and issues identified by moderators.

-Act as a point of escalation for complex or sensitive issues during the conference.


- Capture high-quality video footage of the conference, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and other conference activities.

-Ensure excellent composition, lighting, and sound quality in all video recordings.

-Collaborate with the Project manager to understand the key moments and important elements to focus on during the conference.

-Ensure timely delivery of the edited videos and other requested deliverables.

-Create Videos for promotional Ads


-Creating top-notch designs for the event

-Prepare slides for the speaker

-Create a graphic representation of excerpts from the event

-You also need to be organised to help connects the dots between files as changes are made. We will sometimes make changes and we need the designer to connect that dot across all the pieces being worked on.

-Good communication is also highly important. When we ask for the status update we need to be able to hear back from the designer.


-Capturing high-quality images during the conference.

-Composing shot for a story.

-Editing Photos after the conference and delivering the final product.


-Manage technical activities on the event management software to be used for the conference

-Attend to complaints from participants who might have issues logging in to the conference.

-Be behind the scene, Manage break-out rooms, Highlight speakers, and Share screen Content.

-Professional with broad technical skills in critical thinking, troubleshooting and problem-solving.

-Experienced in coordinating events and conferences.


- Introducing the speakers for the conference.

-Establish a friendly atmosphere in the breakout room.

- It is your responsibility to keep speakers within the time limit.

-Let the speakers and audience know that the session is coming to an end by announcing.


-Develop engaging and relevant content, including text, images, videos, and interactive elements, to captivate and entertain our user base.

-Engage with users through comments, messages, and forums, providing assistance, answering questions, and fostering a sense of community.

-Committed to producing exceptional creatives and content for the conference.

-Curate content to be used as promotional ad copies.

EVENT MANAGER (Not Available)

-Plan for the activities of the conference.

-Monitor activities on the D-day of the conference to ensure smooth running..

-Oversee the event from start to finish. .

-Collaborate with cross-functional teams such as the project management team, design team, etc.

-Additional administrative project as needed.


-Work closely with the project coordinator and team coordinator to ensure that cross-functional team members are on track with project requirements, deadlines and schedules. .

-Tracking the progress of the conference.

-Assist in budget preparation.

-Contributes towards the development and scope of the conference..


-Schedule posts announcing the conference and educating the audience.

-Respond to all enquiries via comments or inboxes from participants.


-Assist with the preparation of conference documents and related correspondence..

-Assist the conference manager in the preparation, updating and preparing and monitoring of the conference budget. .

-Manage participant registration and certification.

-Assist with all logistics and administrative arrangements.

-Perform any other duties as may be required from time to time.


-Manage and handle telegram and Facebook community for the event.

-Create and publish content on the platform.

-Engage with users through comments, messages, and forums, providing assistance, answering questions, and fostering a sense of community .


-Managing the internal and external communication channels for the conference.

-Build and foster relationships with participants of the conference.

-Set up a tracking and reporting system to measure all the communication efforts. .


-Responsible for the overall well-being of the event.

-Access welfare needs within the organization and provide a focal point for welfare initiatives for the day of the conference.

-Collaborate with the training unit and implement mentorship training for participants.

-Develop programmes designed to improve the quality of life of the participant.

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