As an early-mid career professional on LinkedIn,  you are about to secure those remote International jobs that pay in $ dollars like my remote role as the Global project Coordinator at the U.N Live.

As a mid-senior level professional/executive on LinkedIn, you are about to get an Invitation to sit on a Global Board/ speak at a Global event.

That being said, I must tell you this.

Three major sections are responsible to help you attract your desired Global opportunity on LinkedIn:

• Your Banner

• Your Headline

• Your “About section”

One of these major sections is called “The Elevator Pitch”.  This is your LinkedIn Banner.

 I explained all this in the e-book and the bonus emails that comes after it. But hey, let me give you a quick introduction into why your banner is important.

Your banner is also called a “background photo”. It gives your profile visitors the first impression about you, so it mustn’t be left empty.

Designing a LinkedIn banner is beyond aesthetics, it is about strategy.

The strategy behind a banner cannot be duplicated just by looking at it.

The CONTENTS of your ‘BANNER‘ is supposed to communicate your VALUE and the strategy behind doing that is important.

Banner is one of the ten sections I explained in the e-book. 

Quick reminder of what you get in the e-book.

That being said;
  • Do you have challenges with the implementation of your banner design?
  • Do you need help creating a banner design that is ‘BEAUTIFUL‘ but also communicates you as the ‘VALUE‘ ?

 Stick around, let me show you something that might help you and then I’ll tell you one of my client’s story in relation to it.

INTRODUCING: This Done-For-You Banner Design Service


A service where I create a LinkedIn banner that suits your level of expertise and can help you achieve your desired goal based on what you have on your LinkedIn profile.


Here's what you get in this service


A Canva-designed PNG Image LinkedIn banner that is not for aesthetics only but for marketing you to attract desired opportunities.


A one-time opportunity amendment chance. i.e when the image is sent to you via email, you may request an alteration in color or font or aesthetics, not strategy. This may be within three days after delivering the service. After 5 days, if no request for alteration is received, we will consider the service fully delivered. Should you need another banner, you will be paying for the service in full.


You get the link to the Canva design (Just in case, Canva is an app used for designing, you can get free access to it. This link gives you access to edit your banner design anyhow you like in the future.)


A short video tutorial describing how to edit your banner on Canva so you can edit later in the future yourself.

Now to my Client Chiddie's story

Earlier in the year, I worked with a client in the U.K, and gosh! her LinkedIn banner was aesthetically beautiful.
But, is it aesthetics that actually attracts clients or recruiters to your profile?
Even if her banner was aesthetically beautiful, she had a hard time finding clients using LinkedIn. Then I reviewed the banner and realized that the contents (bio) weren’t doing justice to what she represented. I realized that the strategy behind a LinkedIn banner that attracts International opportunities and Recruiters is beyond aesthetics.
Then, I asked her and she told me “ooh! a designer created this banner for me”. I then concluded that the designer wasn’t a digital marketer because if he/she was, the person would have thought beyond aesthetics, but marketing you as a brand. This is what happens when website designers don’t think of marketing and sales when designing a website or an image.
This is why the website/image may be beautiful but it would not sell you/your brand.

Would you rather choose aesthetics or the functionality of selling you?

I don’t want you to be a website that doesn’t sell but is aesthetically beautiful.
I want your LinkedIn profile to be beautiful but also do the selling of your brand, and attract people to you.
This is why I am the best person to design your LinkedIn banner.

I understand the beauty and strategy behind the contents of a banner that makes people contact you the moment they land on your LinkedIn profile.

One more thing I noticed in Chiddie’s profile is that the placement of her banner wasn’t optimized for a mobile view and she didn’t know all these. She was like “Wow Derin, you should be charging $5000 for this service”.
Then I said “I know right but hey, I’m not charging you $5000 today, I’m not even charging you the $1000 I charged Chiddie for a one-on-one done-with-you service.
I’m charging you N10,750/ $27 (10,000+750 VAT) to get the LinkedIn Elevator Pitch service.
Guess what?
• The L.E.P Banner Design Service + Link and Short Video Ad-on costs N10,750 /$27.(10,000+750 VAT)
Which means both costs N13,000.
But wait right there,
If you take this offer now before buying the e-book, you will practically get the e-book for free because you are going to be paying N10,750 /$27  (10,000+750 VAT) for both the e-book and this service.
Trust me, I know you need this service to attract those Global opportunities so you can pay me the big box later.
Why will you need the link to the Canva image?
Trust me, that’s what happened with Chiddie. I asked her if she had a link to the banner design done for her and she didn’t have the link. So, I had to start from scratch in designing her banner again, I had to figure out her colour and everything related to her banner.
But, I will show you how to do it in a short video and a link I’m going to give you.

Just for today, I’ll give you the L.E.P Banner design service + the ” DON’T DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO ATTRACT GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES IN 6 WEEKS OR LESS E-Book”  for N10,750/$27.(10,000+750 VAT)

Do you want to know what this service will get you?


Here Is What It Got Augusta Who Had Just 163 Connections. 

Elizabeth Oghenero-Gbrika  Attracted the attention of 3 HR/head hunters who were begging her to interview for a role she did not even apply for!.

“Coach, I did not even tell you, you know after I applied for the UPG sustainability program and won a slot as one of the 500 from 120 countries, I redid my profile like you advised and update it on LinkedIn. You remember you vetted it on Feb 20 and said I was good to go. Between that time and now, 3 HR people reached out to me to interview me for a role. I was like ehnnn, Iyen emi na (meaning is this me with disbelieve), I am the one they are now chasing with job. Coach, it even took  several days to reply to one and I was now dictating to her that if it is not a specific role she should not bother o. That I will not even show up for the interview” My husband was telling me that Elizabeth, you are now hot cake o, I said yes now, my money for this coaching program is working. This is someone that was telling me how can I pay such amount for online program. The moment I  won the first opportunity early Feb,  I mean the UPG sustainability program I applied for, he had to admit I made a good decision to purchase the program. So when I started attracting jobs, he was just saying, this program is good o. I told him, before nko”  – Elizabeth. 

Even though you can’t get on my 12-weeks program where you get to use my “PPP Framework” now, start with the L.E.P banner plus Link and Short Video Ad-On service to start attracting those Global opportunities you desire.

Remember, your LinkedIn banner is your ‘ELEVATOR PITCH‘ and it requires more than ‘AESTHETICS‘ but ‘STRATEGY‘ to communicate you as the “VALUE“.

I know it's not everybody that likes "awoof" (deals), so you can opt for paying for "DON’T DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO ATTRACT GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES IN 6 WEEKS OR LESS E-Book ​" Alone

Just know you will need to have an “Elevator pitch Banner” to secure your desired International remote job paying in $ dollars, get recruiters reaching out to you, recieve invitations to sit on Global Boards or to speak at Global events on LinkedIn.

Which leaves you with two options;

• Get your “Elevator Pitch Banner” done yourself to achieve this goal. 


• To take the L.E.P Banner Service from an expert.

But the truth is, if you decide not to take this L.E.P Banner service now and you decide to come for it later, the price would have increased.

You would have to pay the full N10,750 you won’t save N3,000 for the L.E.P Banner service. Don’t say I did not tell you ooo. 

“Okay! I want the DON’T DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO ATTRACT GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES IN 6 WEEKS OR LESS E-Book ONLY” I’m not ready to design my LinkedIn Banner yet.

Let me learn what shouldn’t be done on LinkedIn and the important sections to optimize to attract International/Global opportunities using the “DON’T DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO ATTRACT GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES IN 6 WEEKS OR LESS E-Book ” I will come back for the L.E.P Banner service later.

No problem, I have heard, here you go. Here You Go!


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