My 8-Step Blueprint Phoebe Used To Attract 3 International Opportunities In 6 Weeks

“”How can I communicate my values effectively to position myself to attract the right opportunities?” I didn’t find answer to this question till I got on Derin’s course. To be honest, in my mind, I felt “As usual, they’ll just tell you what to do, they won’t show you how to do it, the specific steps t o take”. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a shot. My oh my, I have never been so wrong about something. She taught me how to properly communicate who I am in written form and showed me the right places to apply this knowledge.

Lo and behold, simply by optimizing my profile on LinkedIn, I got invited to sit on the Business Analysis Board in Ontario, Canada. I have since been approached to serve on numerous international professional boards, hiring managers keep reach out to poach me. As in, I experienced the the real definiton of “na them dey rush me” in less than 6 weeks of following Derin’s teachings and methods.” 

 Phoebe Porbeni (@pporbeni)



Just like I helped Phoebe, I can help you create a profile that attracts the global opportunities you want and get you noticed by who you need to.

Let me get you started on this global journey via this 3.5 hours online course titled

“My 8-Step Blueprint Phoebe Used To Attract 3 International Opportunities In 6 Weeks”

What Exactly is

My 8-Step Blueprint Phoebe Used To Attract 3 International Opportunities In 6 Weeks

It is an online course that teaches you how to create a profile that attracts the global opportunities you want and get you noticed by who you need to.

You have done enough of the chasing. It is time for you to be sought after by international opportunities like Phoebe. It is time for you to get into international organizations without applying. All you need to do is let me show you how.

Okay you’re probably wondering “who is this person that claims she can help you”. You’re right. Forgive my manners. Allow me introduce myself.

I am Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju, the ONLY person you have come across who has traveled to 5 continents on someone else's money by winning and attracting 30+ global opportunities, gaining a network of people from 167 countries, global recognition, and a high level of fulfillment in 3 years. I'll just let you see for yourself:

Here's what you get to Learn


10 different global opportunities you can apply for and WIN as an undergraduate, postgraduate, professional & business owner that can take you to the global stage


The exact project you should put forward when applying


The places you will find exclusive opportunities


The mistakes you are making that are stopping from winning


The challenges to expect during and post-application and how to solve them

Be the 130th person to take this course and send us a review like Blessing (Ugheli Nigeria and Felicia Naaki (year 1 student Ghana) who found us off Facebook, got it and could not wait to give us feedback 3.5 hours later.

Are You Wondering Who This Aderinsola or Mrs A is that Everyone is Raving About Her teaching Style or Her Knowledge? 

I am Aderinsola Adio- Adepoju | Founder I-Train Africa | Teacher University of Lagos | UNLEASH Ambassador  | Global Citizen.
Some People Call me 
Wondering how I earned these names?
Here is my story. 
I have won several global opportunities such as grants, awards, business labs, innovation labs, fellowships, etc estimated at over $30,000 that has taken me across 5 continents in 3 years and 90% of them were FULLY funded.
I am UNLEASH Ambassador and UPG sustainability leader for 2021; A selection   that was made from over 4000 applicants and 167 countries.
Here is the thing, before all that accolades, I was like you.
I would apply over and over for opportunities and receive emails like “Your application was great but we had so many fantastic applications so we are sorry….” I am sure you know the rest. 
The worst part, I knew age was no longer on my side as I had to access those opportunities while I was still a youth. I was racing against time, influence, and fulfillment. 
Guess what, all these changed when I finally secured a global win to Brazil. Then I started winning some and losing some but my success rate picked up. By the end of 2019, I had a 100% success rate as the 2 highly competitive opportunities I wanted and applied for at the end of 2020 I got CONGRATULATIONS EMAILS FOR BOTH. I NO LONGER STRUGGLE TO WIN, I WIN CONSISTENTLY. I have helped 100s of youths across 3 continents TOO
I would love to help you become a global citizen like me. I am the best teacher for you because I do not just know, I have made mistakes and I have recorded HUGE SUCCESS. I know what works and I know what doesn’t.
I am the best teacher because I am blessed with the ability to teach and make the hardest things become as simple as ABC.
It’s time for you to let me hold your hand and get you started on this journey. 
I want to help you identify the best fit opportunities for you no matter your stage of life because that may be the only thing you are doing wrong. 
I want to help you identify the best projects you can use to apply for these opportunities because that may be the only thing that is stopping you from getting the CONGRATULATIONS EMAIL. 
I want to turn those rejection emails into CONGRATULATIONS emails for YOU like I now receive.
I want to help you see where the opportunities are and how you can position for them
I want to help you become a GLOBAL CITIZEN


A free 30-point guide that will help you:

Understand what global opportunities are, what sustainable development goals are and how they are linked to you wining global opportunities.

Harness resources needed for application for global opportunities such as grants, awards, fellowships, innovation labs etc.

Organize and fill applications for global opportunities in such a way the process does not overwhelm you.

I want to pay now but I have questions.

We compiled a list of answers to the questions you may have

How will I access the course

You will be given login details once you pay via the link, you will then be required to change your password, after which you will receive another mail to login with your username and new password

Which device can i use for the course?

Any internet enabled device such as your smart phone, laptop, desktop, etc. You can watch from anywhere in the world that has an internet devcie.

How much is the course

$14 | N5,500

is it a WhatsApp course and will i be added to a group to read the content?

No. it is not a WhatsApp course, it is an online course meaning the video and audio lessons have already been recorded and when you pay for this course, you automatically get an email that will give you a username and password to log in to your school area and watch the videos

can i download the videos?

No the videos are not downloadable but you can login to your school area to watch as many times as you want in a 6 months period

How long do I have access to the course

12 months from the day you purchased the course.

Can I pay even if I am not in Nigeria - in other currencies AND BY BANK TRANFER?

Yes, you can. Click the right button and you will be taken to a payment page where you can pay via Card, USSD or mobile money or do a bank transfer

What if I have more questions

Please send an email to itrainafrica@gmail.com or chat us on Whatsapp by clicking the button below.

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