You’re about to get noticed by international organizations and global brands!!!

That being said, I must tell you this.

Positioning strategically will not yield the desired results if you don’t have a winning profile. That is, global brands and international organizations will see you due to your strategic positioning but they won’t be fascinated enough by what they read about you (your profile) to reach out to you. Now, if you don’t have a winning profile yet, there’s no cause for alarm.

Now, this is where our online course comes in:

My 14-Step Blueprint Phebe Used To Create The PROFILE That ATTRACTED 3 International Opportunities In 6 Weeks

A 5 hours online course to show you how to write 4 versions (3rd person, 1st person, LinkedIn and short form) WINNING PRFILES that you can use to attract global opportunities NON-STOP!

This PROFILE online course comes with 5 bonuses that include:

Bonus 1– 2.45 hours video recording of the session I had with Tinuade who is an experienced professional to get an idea of the strategy behind what a  professional with several years of experience needs to include when writing their profile and in what order it should come. 

Bonus 2–  2 hours video recording of the session where I taught Zainab how to write her profile as a young professional with less than 3 years experience.

Bonus 3 – Video on how to design the LinkedIn banner on canva and what to include in it. See, it is not the aesthetics, it is the content and placement. 

Bonus 4 -Video on how to do the pdf design version of your 3rd person used for speaking engagements

Bonus 5 – 4 different downloadable templates of profiles of short, long, 1st, and 3rd person profile. 


Actually, this is the right order:

First, You Create Your Winning Profile

Then, You position yourself with it

One outcome:

You Attract Global Opportunities Effortlessly 

If you pay for both the positioning webinar and the profile course, you get a 15% discount.

Let me break it down for you:

  • This platforms & positioning webinar which holds on March 19, 2022  currently costs 20,000 Naira|$55 
  • The winning profile online course currently costs 50,000 |$120
  • Hence, both cost #70000 |$175
  • But if you buy both together, you’ll pay #60000 |$150 

wait! You Think It Is Too Expensive Right?

I AGREE. Elizabeth and Her Husband Thought Same In November Before She signed Up For My Coaching Program But She Changed Her Mind and Even Her Husband Admitted The Price She Paid is NOT EXPENSIVE!

Here is Why!

Elizabeth Oghenero-Gbrika  Attracted the attention of 3 HR/head hunters who were begging her to interview for a role she did not even apply for!.

This Happened Within 8 days after uploading the PROFILE we both worked on to the platform LinkedIn and Strategically Positioning With it (Feb 19-27 2022). 

Here is What Elizabeth had to say to me on Feb 27 at our coaching call.

“Coach, I did not even tell you, you know after I applied for the UPG sustainability program and won a slot as one of the 500 from 120 countries, I redid my profile like you advised and update it on LinkedIn. You remember you vetted it on Feb 20 and said I was good to go. Between that time and now, 3 HR people reached out to me to interview me for a role. I was like ehnnn, Iyen emi na (meaning is this me with disbelieve), I am the one they are now chasing with job. Coach, it even took  several days to reply to one and I was now dictating to her that if it is not a specific role she should not bother o. That I will not even show up for the interview” My husband was telling me that Elizabeth, you are now hot cake o, I said yes now, my money for this coaching program is working. This is someone that was telling me how can I pay such amount for online program. The moment I  won the first opportunity early Feb,  I mean the UPG suitability program I applied for, he had to admit I made a good decision to purchase the program. So when I started attracting jobs, he was just saying, this program is good o. I told him, before nko”  – Elizabeth. 

Hey, LET YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU like Elizabetth

Elizabeth used this PPP formula via my premium coaching program (A-Z of Winning Global Opportunities).

The amount you are paying me for this online course + this upcoming webinar compared to the knowledge or the amount my premium clients on coaching programs pay is RIDICULOUS.

Like Tinuade said, I should charge N500,000 for the PROFILE course alone.

I want to GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE THAT CAN MULTIPLY YOUR INCOME BY 10x or at least get you an all-expense-paid trip/training to Dubai that will typically cost you N1,000,000 | $2325 

at only N60000 | $140

That's Not All, Check Out The Bonus I Have When You Sign Up For Both


A 1-month support community to answer questions on what to do once you start implementing and attracting the opportunities.

          AWOOF OFFER!!!


I know it's not everybody that likes "awoof" (deals), so you can opt for paying for "Notice Me For Global Opportunities​" Alone

Just know you will be back for to learn how to write a winning profile (if you do not already have one) after learning how to get noticed by international organizations. There will be no discount by then and you will end up spending more. Don’t say I did not tell you ooo. You will also not get the support community bonus. 

“Okay! I want the Positioning webinar ONLY” I have a winning profile already. 

No problem, I have heard, here you go. Here You Go!

Notice Me For Global Opportunities

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