You’re about to win the next POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP and secure the postgraduate position ABROAD !!!

Are you an African graduate looking to secure postgraduate admission and scholarship in globally-renowned universities abroad?


      IF YES!

  • Do you want to join the ranks of successful individuals who have utilized their “student titles” to access over $30,000 worth of remarkable opportunities?
  • Do you want to do your Masters/Ph.D. abroad, where you can have access to world-class facilities, build a career, live a life of fulfillment, and make a global impact while at it?
  • Do you want more than a Bachelor’s degree?
  • Are you already at the postgraduate level, and you want to win academic/research grants to fund your research projects, living a life of fulfillment and making a global impact while at it?

“When I received the email saying I won the iSI scholarship on May 2, my mind flashed back to my SOP and how it was created. I took my time to draft my SOP and I sincerely thought it was the best SOP ever.  I merely asked her to help me proofread for grammatical errors but I guess the teacher in her just couldn’t resist. On the spot, she reviewed my SOP – she explained the things that were missing in it and the things I should have left out, and so on, it was a great eye-opener. I was amazed. I don’t think I would have won that scholarship if I submitted the SOP I initially prepared.”

”Kunle’s dream is to study abroad and gain a scholarship to further his education. He believed that his excellent grades were the only key to opportunities for a scholarship abroad.

As the years passed, Kunle’s hard work paid off. His grades were impeccable, and he became one of the top students in his school.

One day, an opportunity came knocking at Kunle’s door. A prestigious scholarship program offered him a chance to study at a renowned university in the United States.

As Kunle progressed through the scholarship application process, he realized that his grades alone were not enough to secure the scholarship. The application required more than just academic achievements.

Kunle was taken aback by this realization, as he had solely relied on his good grades all this time.

Determined not to give up, Kunle set out to improve the other aspects of his application. He sought guidance from his teacher, Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju, THE CLARITY KING who helped him craft compelling essays.

Are you that Kunle who thought the only thing needed to get a scholarship is just your ACADEMICS EXCELLENCE, What!


Do you think it’s your Bachelor’s degree? Perhaps with first-class honors? That’s wonderful but you won’t be the only one with a first-class bachelor’s degree applying for that postgraduate position
Many others have volunteering experience and leadership qualities as well.
Maybe you want to stand out with the knowledge of the SDGs. Trust me, many others know about them too.

Will it not be nice to have me; Dr.Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju GUIDE YOU STEP-BY-STEP  on how to start your Postgraduate Admission and Scholarship to Travel Abroad Within 1 Year Using My Complete Postgraduate Studies Abroad Tool Kit?

That Being Said, I Must Tell You This

In a school setting, after you are taught, you do an examination, right? But your learning is not complete after you submit your answers but when it is marked and corrections are done for you to know where you made mistakes and improve on those areas.

Isn’t it?

In the same vein, you allow an expert like me to handle the nitty-gritty of winning the next Scholarship to Travel Abroad within 1 year for you?

Don’t settle for being “just a student”; Tap into a wealth of possibilities for getting research grants, travel grants, scholarships, fellowships, and more!

So, the million-dollar question is this…. 


“What’s that document that tells your story and how do you learn how to write this document like a professional, or an expert?” 


You must know that,

Knowing your story and knowing how to tell your story is what will separate you from the thousands of youths like you applying for that postgraduate scholarship – Master’s degree, Ph.D., academic/research grants, etc.

What am I trying to say? The document that actually solely spotlights YOU in a unique manner is your STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) and other KEY ITEMS in  My Complete Postgraduate Studies Abroad Tool Kit.

See, If you want to stand out, your SOP AND MY TOOL KIT are the only ways to achieve that.

They are those documents that talk about who you are, what your academic and professional interests are, and how you will add value to the undergraduate/graduate program you are applying to.

They are those documents you can’t get from the internet, your school, or anywhere else. You have to prepare it from scratch yourself.

They are those documents that “separate the boys from the men”.
They are by far the most important part of your application and I’m here to teach you how to write them like a Pro.

But before I do so,

Wondering Who I Am To Be Teaching You How To Access Scholarships?

Let me introduce myself

I’m Dr. Aderinsola Adio- Adepoju, the Founder of I-Train Africa.

A University Teacher…

An ACTF Scholar with an award of £5000

Got admission into IIT Chicago for postgraduate study in 2012…

UNLEASH Ambassador 2021 & 2022…

UPG sustainability leader for 2021; A selection that was made from over 4000 applicants and
167 countries…

I have won several of these opportunities that have taken me to Texas, the Us, Sao Paulo Brazil, Singapore, Accra Ghana, Liverpool, the UK, Aberdeen Scotland, etc. The worth of what I have won based on my academics is over $30,000,

And above all…A Global Citizen!

Some People Call me:

THE CLARITY KING; because I have this uncanny ability to help people see things…
and cut through the clutters”.

GLOBAL COACH; because I train people on how to become a global citizen… to stay abreast
with the trend and opportunities lurking around…(over 5000 of my students, who I trained
are now a global citizen)”


THE KNOWLEDGE DISTILLER; because I am a very good teacher.”

I have taught many people how to write SOP and they have used it to get postgraduate admission and funding all over the world

Meet Augustaheavens Ikevuje, She got admitted into the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business for an MBA in December 2021

I got admitted into the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business admin, Texas, USA, and needed the scholarship to fund it. Dr. Derin taught me how to write an outstanding SOP for the AAU scholarship and I made it to the provisional scholarship list despite they typically have the least consideration for MBA candidates.

AugustaHeavens Ikevuje- Oil & Gas Business Expert




A Start-To- Finish Bundle containing the courses, templates, ebooks, review service and advisory needed to apply for, secure, and win postgraduate admission and scholarship abroad within one year

The Advisory Service allows you to ask questions on WhatsApp for 6 months post-enrollment, without live sessions. Essay reviews and advisory will be provided via voice note or WhatsApp messages.

Is This Tool Kit For You? Find Out

  • Are you an African youth who desires postgraduate study (PG) in the US, the UK, Canada, Sweden, etc.?
  • Do you want to get a scholarship to fund the PG journey?
  • Do you want to use the school route to change location and know you need a complete blueprint of how to start the process of going to school in your location of choice?
  • Are you a writer that people bring statement of purpose (SOP) jobs to you and you need to see what a good template is like and learn to write it yourself?
  • Do you want to learn a good skill that you can make money from – by writing people’s statements of purpose or personal statements?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above,


I can help you through this course to WIN the most coveted PG scholarships abroad just like I have done for other people.

I will like you to meet one of them. 

Let's meet another student:

Meet Ivie Osobase, She got a scholarship into the University of Western Australia for an MBA this year

“I  got on one of I-Train Africa’s courses last year and this course was an eye-opener. Dr. Aderinsola, the course convener, first started by helping me gain clarity then we used what she calls her SOP framework to get me to design an SOP that would get me into postgraduate school on scholarship. She was very thorough and she knew her onions. This year, I got admitted into the University of Western Australia for an MBA on a partial scholarship. This couldn’t have been possible without Dr. Derins’s guidance and teachings, especially regarding writing my SOP. Thank you so much, Dr. Derin, your energy always gets me ready to learn. Thank you, I-Train Africa.”

Ivie Osobase (@iviefolashadeosobase) – Marketing and Communications professional.


- The Statement of Purpose: a 5-hour online course (a self-paced, prerecorded course where you get instant access once you sign up).

- The reference letter course (a self-paced, prerecorded course where you get instant access once you sign up).

- Review of 2 SOPs (2 documents sent via WhatsApp group and review sent back via voice note. Review may only be sent in once the lessons on the course have been completed).

- The list of open scholarship ebooks for the month

- The clarity guide (Blueprint for Postgraduate Scholarships and Admissions Abroad)

Also, An added BONUS Of:

- WhatsApp group support for 6 Months

- Email template Our student used to write to 2 US professors to secure a 5-year fully funded scholarship worth $235,000

- Travel Abroad is an online course.

- 10 types of global opportunities ebook.

- The SOP template used by our student to get admission and travel to Australia for her MBA.

- The personal statement used by our student to secure 2 admissions to Europe and 1 exam scholarship.

My Complete Postgraduate Studies Abroad Tool Kit is designed to help you through every step of the process, from researching universities and scholarships to writing your application and preparing for your studies..

I have not only used my winning TOOL KIT that got me a $6000 research grant in 2018 and a postgraduate position at IIT Chicago in 2011, I have also used it numerously for our students who went on to get admission/funding in the US, UK, Australia, Sweden, etc.

In 2019, for the UNLEASH global innovation lab, I reviewed over 50 applications 0f applicants who applied from different countries. That’s not even the best part, I have been on application review committees where I reviewed various types of global opportunities applications.  This means I understand the judging criteria and know what an assessor wants. Trust me, if I review your SOP, that scholarship is as good as yours

Scholarships are time bound and age bound. Applications for them open one or twice in a year and that's it. If you don't get it, you have to wait for another year. You're getting older, your passion for PG study is reducing as pressure is piling up from different angles.

Once you purchase my Complete Postgraduate Studies Abroad Tool Kit, you’ll also get access to our online community where you’ll have access to my students who had won scholarships and can help you with any questions or problems you might have.

My question to you today is, do you even have time? Wouldn’t it be great to use a TESTED and TRUSTED method that will help you get admission into PG school ONCE AND FOR ALL?

The choice is yours to make… you are the captain of your ship.

When you get this Tools Kit , you also get the following FREE bonuses:

3 SOP templates our students used in getting into schools in the US, Canada, and Sweden on scholarship

value - $60 | N60,000

Access to one of our online courses on travelling abroad for 6 months

value - $10 | N10,000

A complete guide on the SDGs because there is no way you will fill an application for PG school without needing it

value - $10 | N10,000

Will you apply to these highly-competitive universities abroad blindly and risk getting rejected ? 


Will you get the knowledge required to position you up for success…
And increase your chances of getting selected and going ahead to fulfill your dreams?

The time for talking is over… It’s time to take action. Click on the button below to get started:

I want to pay now but I have questions.


How long do I have access to the PG Tool Kit?

You have access to the PG Tool Kit for one year.

Can I Download The Videos In The PG Tool Kit?

No, you can’t. The videos in the PG Tool Kit are not downloadable, but you can login to your school area as many times as you want within the one year that you have access to them.

How else can I pay?

Pay via bank transfer using the details below or by card using the button below.


Bank Name – Guaranty Trust Bank


Account name – I-Train Africa


Bank Account Number


Dollar – 0662088825 (For payments out of Nigeria)


Account Number Naira – 0640684188 (Nigerian payments)


Can I Pay Twice?

Yes, you can pay twice, but you only get access to the SOP Course and the Clarity Guide eBook. When you pay in full, you have access to the remaining offers.



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