Do you want to get Secure, Legit and Open Admission & Scholarships Abroad

Listen Carefully to The Next Thing I Say-

I have offered various online courses on scholarship-related subjects ranging from $120 to $5000 and most people join so that they can gain access to me to ask me questions and get SUPPORT. To support you for 1 month at 2 hrs weekly, it cost nothing less than $500|N200,000. But that is not how I want to help you this time around, I have an offer that you need. Just read on.

I opened a community ( Secure Legit Open Admission & Scholarships Abroad SLOASA ) for a qualified few. Yeah, you heard me, NOT everyone can join even if they decide to pay 10X the price charged for this community. I have a google form you will need to fill out first (Click on the link button below). But let’s talk about how this is your answered prayer for your funding issues before price

Then You Must Do This,

Get This 30 minutes video course that I have used to offer guidance to my clients such as Augusta who I Helped attract an oil and gas lead role in the Sub-Saharan African region within 5 days of revamping her profile, platform and positioning here, she had just 163 LinkedIn connections      

I am giving it to you FREE OF CHARGE

Yes! You heard me right. Watch the 30 minutes video FOR FREE

Is This Video Course For You?

  • Are you a professional who needs people to reach out to you with global opportunities like jobs, awards etc.?
  • Do you wish to get invites to speak on your expertise at global events?
  • Are you an experienced business person or professional who desires to attract global opportunities?
  • Are you a youth with impact-based experiences or working actively on any SDG?
  • Do you have skills, work or life experiences that are worth showcasing?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above,

Then You Should Sign Up!

Be Like Augusta

“I wondered how people get noticed and got people to reach out to them with the opportunities they desired. What I did not know is, they had the right profile and were strategically positioned for it. Derin showed me how and after a 3 hours revamp of my profile, people that I used to look up to in the oil and gas industry where the ones now reaching out to me to ask me to join their team.”

AugustaHeavens Ikevuje- Oil & Gas Business Expert

What Will You Learn In This Video Course

-Important Things To Note When Opening Your LinkedIn Account

-Understanding the different sections at the top of the LinkedIn page

-Understanding The Difference Between Connections And Followers

And lots more...

Have We Even Met?

I’m Aderinsola Adio- Adepoju, the Founder of I-Train Africa.

A University Teacher…

An ACTF Scholar with an award of £5000

Got admission into IIT Chicago for postgraduate study in 2012…

UNLEASH Ambassador 2021 & 2022…

UPG sustainability leader for 2021; A selection that was made from over 4000 applicants and
167 countries…

And above all…A Global Citizen!

Some People Call me:

THE CLARITY KING; because I have this uncanny ability to help people see things clearly…
and cut through the clutters”.

GLOBAL COACH; because I train people on how to become a global citizen… to stay abreast
with the trend and opportunities lurking around…(over 5000 of my students, who I trained
are now a global citizen)”


THE KNOWLEDGE DISTILLER; because I am a very good teacher.”


Of Course, I have been to 5 continents on funded scholarships, grants etc. 



Do you want to get Secure, Legit and Open Admission & Scholarships Abroad

Let's take a sneak peak into the course contents, shall we?


-What are global opportunities in case you don't know it


The different types of global opportunities THAT EXIST AND THE ONES you should apply for


How to know the types of global opportunities you are eligible for and the criteria required


The hidden places to search for these opportunities (HINT: only a few know about this)


How to search for relevant opportunities on the internet (A 30 MINUTE WORKSHOP SHOWING HOW I SEARCH FOR MINE ON  MY FAVORITE WEBSITES)


The types of questions to expect! (This is the one reason 99% of the applicants get denied)

And Lots More

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