I know education, scratch that, I meant ‘SCHOOLING’ was sold to you as the ultimate the  same way it was  sold  to


Mariam who has a B.Sc and graduated in 2007 with a 2nd class upper and has NEVER used her CERTIFICATE to work in any organization before. It’s been 15 years, she’s already 40

That’s the same way Martins a 17-year-old is being told by his parents to just makes sure he passes his JAMB and study computer science and that would be his passport to success in  the Tech world 


Just last week I ran into Bola who finished from UNILAG with a 2.1 Biochemistry degree 2 years ago and is still so confused about what to do.

Here is what she said to me.

“I finished school,  I served my fatherland and  I have SEARCHED AND SEARCHED for the so-called job I would get after SCHOOLING. 


Guess what ma’am, I don’t even think such jobs in my field exist. Even when I managed to get an interview, they simply demanded what skills I had to do the tasks linked to the job.

All the skills they demanded, were 21st-century tech/digital skills that I was never taught in my 4 years of  SCHOOLING. Even the E-Mail they asked me to compose as a task, their feedback was that I lacked the skills necessary. Ma’am, I AM CONFUSED 



  • Are you a youth (15 upward) who is literate and wants to get a chance to work in a tech-savvy work environment so you can gain skills you can use to earn in the next 6 months?
  • Are you a woman who wants to integrate back into the workforce after a break but your previous job did not prepare you for the current demand of the 21st-century workforce?
  • Are you a woman who wants to change her career part to the tech space to have skills you can use to serve as a virtual assistant to digital creators or start a virtual assistant brand/career but has not found the right place to learn all aspects of this profession?
  • Are you a graduate who has realized that schooling and education are not the same thing and can’t get a choice job because you lack the experience and skills to work in the 21st-century workforce and no one is giving you the chance to work/intern/ volunteer for them to gain these skills and clarity you lack?
  • Are you an undergraduate who has several months on her/his hands due to holiday, ASSU strike, or waiting on IT and the only skills you see people gain are vocational skills (hairdressing, fashion, etc) but you know this is not what you want? I mean you want to gain  TRANSFERABLE SKILLSET that can serve you in any Tech-enabled organization whether in your country or globally?
  • Are you a person seeking mentorship from a global citizen who has worked and is working (covering 25 locations globally as the program coordinator at the Museum for the United Nations) so that you can understand what it takes to work on such a global stage and the intangible skills and knowledge required for this stage?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of The Questions Above

Tell Yourself Congratulations Because Today Is The Day I Get To HELP YOU using Our APPRENTICESHIP program.


I-Train Africa Apprenticeship & Skills Program

What Exactly Is This Program About?

I-Train Africa Apprenticeship & Skills Program is for youths (15 upward) seeking to gain clarity, employability skills, soft/life skills & women who want to integrate back into the workforce after a break or change career parts without all the required skills in the starting and running of an online educational (tech-powered) brand/enterprise. This onsite (physical not virtual) program is for you if you seek mentorship from a global citizen and want to learn in a work environment within 3- 6 months the major aspects of an EdTech organization to be able to work in the tech-savvy environment, serve as an assistant to digital creators (coaches) or start something of your own and have the work ethics that are at par with your counterparts globally. You learn the soft, life, and employability skills required in a 21st-century workforce demanding tech-savvy and properly groomed youths.

With this APPRENTICESHIP Program, You learn the soft, life, and hard skills required in any Edtech, Fintech, AgricTech, HealthTech etc environment. 

Is This An Internship or an Apprenticeship?

This program is an APPRENTICESHIP [Learners pay] which is a paid experience that includes a structured training plan, with a focus on mastering specific skills employers needs to fill an occupation within their organization.

what Is The Curriculum for This Program?


Building your minds to be self-aware, recognize the limitless possibilities of the opportunities that are available globally and attitude to work in a global setting.


Writing standard operating procedures to structure

Building personal planners for practical work-life balance

Building Gantt charts for project planning

Working collaboratively in cloud (Agile) in a team virtually

Writing minutes of meetings.

Attending and contributing to company strategy


Emotional intelligence




Planning and projections


These are skills required to work in a tech-enabled space especially becoming virtual/physical assistants to people in EduTech, Fintech, HealthTech, AgriTech etc. 

Content creation and management.

Website and learning management systems (LMS) management

Social media management and branding.

Facebook Adverts setup, optimization, monitoring and scaling

Email marketing

Building of landing pages

Content creation and management.



Why Did I Start This - AKA The Brand Story?

The worst headache in my business is getting employable youth. I kid you not, only people that are into employing labor will understand my pain point.

The first challenge I had when  I started I-Train Africa was when putting out a job advert. The conventional  JOB TITLE does not actually reflect what the job needs.

Why is this?

The EDTECH space  (Online educational teaching space) is pretty new and COVID was what sped it up in 2020. This means there are no readily made people for employment. The knowledge is not what you get in conventional schools and the business needs people to run it. 

So, how do I get the right people to employ?

What I  initially did was recruit from Admin Assistant to Personal Assistant to executive assistant and the like. Though several people applied for these jobs none of them suits what I want

The only option left is for me to train them to be able to work for me and other digital knowledge businesses. However, at I-Train Africa I needed them immediately.

Guess what?

It was so hard, so I had to look within to get someone to shadow me.

Good enough, one of them was my cousin who practically lived with me. So it was easy for him to understudy me quickly.

Behold,  this model started to work. He could learn everything and could be of great use to me in less than 6 months.

He started as a so-called volunteer but now I understand that he was my apprentice because he was shadowing me and we basically drove  I-Train Africa together.


Well, I still kept trying to recruit to scale up, but to be honest with you it all failed. Most of the people that came lacked the skill I needed in my organization. 

So I discovered that even if I was employing people, I did most of the work. While I trained them and they got paid for the work.

The problem was not paying them. The problem was, I still lacked the staff that can do the work and ensure that we both gained from this relationship.

But Alas, I mostly lost. Because they get trained and then go. So I’m back to square one. No staff to scale my business.


After 3 months or 5 months, they are out. Then I realised that people were actually coming for the training on how to run an Edtech not necessarily the work.

So, here is what I needed to do. I went back to take a look at my GOLD MINE which is the CURRICULUM I was using to train them to make them learn so fast and make them employable in an Edtech space or startup their own thing or become digital professionals.

This was how I started to refine and perfect my curriculum. I used it for different kinds of people ranging from graduates to women who need the skills to be employable (Physically or virtually) to jambite that is waiting on admission.


Finally, I knew  I have perfected my curriculum based on the people that have gone through it since 2021 January.

The  graduates and corp members I had go through this program have been converted to full staff within 3-6 months 

Of course, I have several people in my network like coaches and the likes that run an organization and need readymade staff like my staff.

Many of them who are ready to pay reached out to me for staff. They asked if I have ready-made interns that they can employ and are ready to pay.

 But I tell them I don’t have excess staff yet and that they can start training people like I’m doing.

Trust me, everyone knows it’s pretty difficult to train people to achieve that level of sense, clarity, skill and general work ethic. Their response is always “I’m ready to pay them this particular amount”. Trust me it is above 6-figure that they are willing to pay the skilled intern plus they are ready to pay me for employing from my hub.

I told them when I finally have trained people that I don’t need in my organization. I will let them know. 

Okay, just so you know I have a host of people in my network that are actually waiting for those types of skilled staff.  

Now I’m taking the heavy weight of two sets of people which are the employers that need skilled employees and people that need this knowledge to be employable or to start their own thing themselves.

If you fall into any of these categories tell yourself  CONGRATULATIONS, Because


Have We Even Met?

Hello, I’m Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju, I have won/attracted 35+ global opportunities worth over $35,000 that took me to 5 continents and I shape lives for a living.

African Youths are my passion and how 500,000 of them get up skilled, become relevant to the 21st-century workforce and arrive at the global stage by 2023 is my mission.

In 2021, I organized the largest youth online conference for African youths with over 15,000 registered youths from 40+ African countries, and 35 speakers from 25 Nations, and this event was featured in 10+ local and international media.

I am an academic with a BSc, MSc, PhD (InV) in Chemistry and a Uni teacher. I have been an entrepreneur for the last 13 years.

I currently serve as the Global Project Coordinator at the Museum For the 🇺🇳 United Nations (U.N. Live).

Here are what people have to say about us on social media

meet our current apprentices who are now interns and staffs.

Muinat Rasaq - Former Apprentice now Lead Communications at I-Train Africa

“Let me start with what I thought was my A-Game.

My BSc Degree

I  studied General Microbiology at the University of Lagos and served my fatherland in Kastina State Bakori Local Government in the year 2020/2021.

Just like most people without clarity on their career path, I wanted to work in the medical sector and felt my certificate as a microbiologist and less than 3 months of laboratory experience during SIWES should earn me a job in a lab or hospital. This thought could be from the orientation we were given in school just to console us because we could not meet the cutoff mark to study Medicine.

Let me elaborate on this further for non-science students.

I initially opted for medicine but was pushed to the faculty of science to study microbiology as per I did not meet up the cutoff mark for medicine.

Alas, it dawned on me when I saw the requirements for related jobs. These adverts said I can’t work in the medical field without a license. Meaning I need to be a medical student. 

Okay, I gave up on the medical line and applied for other jobs I can do. Then I realized that I lack the necessary skills to work in an established organization. At least, a 21st-century one.

Skills like effective communication, self-confidence, and digital knowledge. 

Right from the interview, I couldn’t summon up the courage to market myself. Now I understand there is still more to learn. 

I walked up to my mentor (Dr. Salisu) and told her about my challenges. She told me she has a friend that can help me get clarity on my career and teach me skills needed in the 21st-century workforce.  

This is how I started to learn with THE KING OF CLARITYTHE KNOWLEGE DISTILLER of our time


I can proudly testify to her ability to help people gain clarity,  find purpose and acquire relevant skills that will set them up for excellence in life.

I will always bless that moment my mentor referred me to her.

Guess what?

This is me right now as the communication lead.

Some months ago, I could not even face these. Like being the Communication lead 

serving as the spokesman of the organization

creating and managing content 

managing social media,

writing newsletters 

going around with Dr. Aderinsola to events and facing people I could not face before.

All these soft skills and more were acquired in I-Train Africa and now I have the skills that can earn me $ 

What baffled me about the program is that Dr. Aderisola uses the first month to work on her mindset. She has discovered that is not just about the hard skills. There are so many skilled marketers, copywriters, sales page designers, and the like that have crappy communication skills and no emotional intelligence.  We have some of them come into our inbox to market their skills to us and their manner of approach is not just it.

Someone reached out to us this week to market his skill. Guess what?

We turned down the offer due to his manner of approach. He lacks effective communication skills.

Here is what he did

He commented on our post requesting us to check our DM and we replied to him that there was nothing in our dm. Then he started marketing that he is a copywriter, he can help us get thrice of our sales blah blah blah!

No, that’s not the right way to market yourself to someone that doesn’t know you.

The thing is that this guy has a hard skill but he didn’t really have the “SENSE” to communicate it. So he couldn’t even get his foot in the door.

This is part of the focus of our apprenticeship program. Dr. Aderinsola understands these soft/life skills because she has worked with different people globally. 

She tells us our competition is not the next person in our country, she teaches us to be on par with our global counterparts. 

She teaches you the proper way to communicate/ address people. She helps you build the skills that people don’t pay attention to which are the skills that distinguish who excels on the global stage and those who just have the hard skills. She is so focused on building a total human being. 

Trust me, these skills are better experienced than learned virtually 


I’ve used the word SENSE twice now due to a lack of words to best describe what you get which are intangibles.

Her method of teaching is more like combining hard skill training with mentorship. 

She chose this immersion method because she discovered that there are some skills that exist in a work environment that you can not learn virtually at least for now.

IT IS A FULLY paid program (YOU PAY)
But I, Muinat can tell you for sure, the value you get compared to what you get across 4 years spent in acquiring a degree CANT BE COMPARED. 

I would know that because I experienced BOTH.

I would do this over and over again if time was to be reversed” — Muinat 

Temitayo Joel - Tech Intern at I-Train Africa

“I always knew I wanted to be in the tech space. In fact, I filled computer science in the first jamb I wrote. But then it’s not like I had guidance on the entire “tech” thing. The way to thought I could get into this space was to study a 4-year course in school (computer science) and then I will get a job in the tech space.

Ah, I was wrong. In fact, Very wrong. Until I spoke with Dr. Derin and she said “ehn, you think that a computer science degree is how people become tech gurus and professionals today? She laughed. Then she explained what “TECH” really meant to the 21st-century workforce. She explained how the emerging professions in the online/tech space were moving faster than the curriculum in the courses in the University currently offered.

She explained how the work skills needed are not learnt in the classroom.

She went further to explain what I could gain from school were network, exposure, and certificate but not skills that I can use to work.

That’s how my eyes opened. I spent some weeks understudying the work operations at I-Train Africa and we agreed that after my jamb, I’ll become a full apprentice under her curriculum.

That’s how my life started to change.

In 5 months, I now have the skills that I can use to help digital-enabled organizations (Fintechs, EdTechs, HealthTech, AgriTech), digital product and course creators, coaches, founders or tech-enabled personal brands successfully launch digital products by setting up and managing landing pages, funnels, and Automations on websites/learning management systems (LMS) to ensure they reach thier ideal audience in a seamless, simple and automated process.

The work I do now at I-Train Africa ensures we have a good system for generating leads, nurturing leads who become paying customers, supporting customers, and converting customers to raving fans.

One thing I am sure of is, when ASUU strike is finally called off (for non Nigerians, the association of Universities in Nigeria have been on strike for 8 months so we cannot resume our session), I cannot go hungry or broke in school. 

I already moved from apprentice to intern earning some allowance even in this organization. Imagine me working virtually for other course creators even when I gain admission. I have multiple ideas on what I can use this knowledge for one of which is to monetize it by teaching my mates and collecting money. I do not have to think of how to do that. I see it done daily at I-Train Africa. I have now started building my own brand and the skills I have gained are helping me build very fast.

My last words are “FOLLOW WHO KNOW ROAD O!” — Tayo. 

Is This Program Really For Me?

If you are that person that needs



You Should Join This Program Now!!!

What Will You Have Gained Or Be Able To Do At The End Of This Program

At the end of this program, these are the things you will be able to do/have.

  • Be employable in a tech-enabled organization
  • Create designs for ebooks, social media posts, slide presentations, banners, logos, etc using Canva
  • Start, run and grow and manage social media pages
  • Design book covers and create mockups
  • Communicate effectively with people (team or customers or partners)
  • Plan  events (meetings etc) virtually using various tools and software (zoom, teams, calendly etc) 
  • Host and moderate events
  • Build a brand for a person, product, or enterprise from scratch
  • Carry out the role of a virtual Assistance
  • Manage communities effectively
  • Create sales funnel and automation 
  • Optimize sales funnels, systems, ads, etc
  • Manage project.

And lots more

What Are The Other REQUIREMENTS For This Program?

You need to have a smartphone, data, and laptop

More Stories From Those We Have Trained

Abel Joy - Apprentice Now Intern

“I remember meeting Temtayo in Jamb lesson and just as we were about to finish the lesson, I asked him what he was going to do for the next couple of months given ASUU was on strike. He said he was going to learn at I-Train Africa tech skills etc. I was like really. Where? He said his cousin owned it.  I had to pitch my tent to him quickly. I was not going to miss this chance. After sending Dr. Aderinsola a message, she asked me to come for an interview. She was very thorough with the kind of attitude she expected from me. In 5 months, I can now set up and manage landing pages, funnels, and Automations on websites/learning management systems (LMS). I have been able to learn important skills such as research, communication and other soft skills. What I will say still amazes me is the fact that she combines teaching with mentorship. She identifies every apprentice’s strength in the entire process and helps you build it to cave a niche. 

After 3 months, she called me and said joy, you are now an intern and you start to earn some allowance for the value you now bring to the team. I was so happy. Not just for the allowance, but she recognises my strength and the value it was now bringing to the team. 

Truth is, I no longer identify with my mates who are continuously complaining about ASUU still being on strike. I have forgotten about it because my time is being utilised to gain skills that will set me up for life. I am glad I took this decision in May 2022. One of my best decisions yet as a teenager”. — Joy-

Here Are More Of The Behind-The-Scenes Training And Outings We Have For Our Apprentices.

I want to pay now but I have questions.

Here you go. We compiled a list of answers to the questions you may have



This program is an APPRENTICESHIP [Learners pay] which is a paid experience that includes a structured training plan, with a focus on mastering specific skills employers needs to fill an occupation within their organization.



This program runs for 6 months



No you do not, as explained before this is an apprenticship [program which means you have to pay us to enroll.



No it is not, you have to come to the hub at Heritage mall, U-Turn, Abule Egba, Lagos.


How do I pay for this program?

You can pay by card or bank transfer if you are in Nigeria.






#250,000 before starting and 125,000 each after Month 1 and 2



You need to have a smartphone, data, and laptop



There is a certificate of apprenticeship at month 3 and a certificate of internship at month 6 (This one can be presented as work experience anywhere that you interned with us. Also for opportunities such as some scholarships ask for internship experience. )


What if I have more questions?

Send us an email or a WhatsApp chat +2348053453099


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