You’re about to win the next POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP and secure postgraduate position ABROAD !!!

That being said, I must tell you this.

In a school setting, after you are taught, you do an examination, right? But your learning is not complete after you submit your answers but when it is marked and corrections are done for you to know where you made mistakes and improve on those areas.

In the same vein, your learning process about SOPs should not stop at learning the nitty gritty of writing a winning SOP, you should apply the knowledge, draft 1 or 2 SOPs and have your teacher review it 

Will it not be nice to have me; Adio-Adepoju review not 1 but 2 SOPs for you to see how well you have learnt all that was taught in the course? 

I have not only written a winning SOP that got me $6000 research grant in 2018 and postgraduate position in IIT Chicago in 2011, I have reviewed numerous SOPs for our students who went on to get admission/funding in the US, UK, Australia, Sweden etc.


That’s not even the best part, I have been on application review committees where I reviewed various types of global opportunities applications. 

This means I understand the judging criteria and know what an assessor wants.

In 2019, for the UNLEASH global innovation lab I reviewed over 50 applications 0f applicants who applied from different countries.

Trust me, if I review your SOP, that scholarship is as good as yours

This is where our SOP Review service comes in:


Exclusive to those who buy the "Write Your SOP like a pro"' course

Actually, this is the right order:

First, You Learn How to Write Your SOP Like a Pro in the course

Then, you get a review of 2 SOPs within 3 months of the course

One outcome:

You Win Postgraduate Scholarships Effortlessly Like Elizabeth Oghenero-Gbrika

Elizabeth signed Up For My Coaching Program in November 2021 and she hasn’t stopped winning global opportunities since then. Her most recent win is admission into a top university in Sweden for PG study.

“Coach, I did not even tell you, you know after I applied for the UPG sustainability program and won a slot as one of the 500 from 120 countries, I applied to 4 schools in Sweden for myself and my husband. You remember you reviewed the SOPs on Feb 20 and said I was good to go. Guess what? we both got admitted!!!”  

If you pay for both the "Write Your SOP Like a Pro" course and the SOP Review service, you get a 50% discount.

Let me break it down for you:

  • This SOP course currently costs 50,000 Naira|$120
  • The SOP review service currently costs 50,000 |$120
  • Hence, both cost #10000 |$240
  • But if you buy both together, you’ll pay #65,000 |$135

Elizabeth used the SOP formula via my premium coaching program

The amount you are paying me for this course + the 2 SOP reviews compared to the knowledge or the amount my premium clients on coaching programs pay is RIDICULOUS.

I want to GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE THAT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND EVEN YOUR LOVED ONES. Imagine how much you’ll be earning after getting that Masters degree/PhD. It will MULTIPLY YOUR INCOME BY 10x or at least get you an all-expense-paid trip/training to Dubai that will typically cost you N1,000,000 | $2335 

at only N65000 | $135

That's Not All, Check Out The Bonus I Have When You Sign Up For Both


A 1-month support community to answer questions you have as you start applying the knowledge you acquire from the course.

I know it's not everybody that likes "awoof" (deals), so you can opt for paying for the "Write Your SOP Like a PRO​" webinar Alone

Just know you will be back for the SOP review service after learning how to write and SOP like a PRO. There will be no discount by then and you will end up spending #50,000|$120 for the service alone (that’s if the price hasn’t increased by the time you come back for it). Don’t say I did not tell you ooo. You will also not get the support community bonus. 

“I want the SOP course ONLY for now, I’ll get the SOP review service later”

No problem, I have heard, here you go. Here You Go!

  • The SOP course costs #50,000|$120
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