Are you young, hungry and desperate to see the world?

Tap Into “HIDDENGlobal Opportunities to Win
International Scholarships… Get Business Capital… Book Paid
Speaking Engagements… And Attract Success On A
Worldwide Level

Learn How I Won 30+ Global Opportunities… Which Includes GRANTSSCHOLARSHIPS
Without Paying a Dime All Expenses Were Fully Funded

Dear reader,
If you’re reading this, it means you want more in life…just like the 750+ youths from across Africa who were hungry for more in 2021 and decided nothing was going to stop them

You want to affect your world, make a global impact… take care of your loved ones and family.


One of the ways you feel you can do so is by APPLYING for the countless numbers of GLOBAL
OPPORTUNITIES lurking around on the internet waiting for the “fortunate few” to tap into it.
Guess what, today is your lucky day because you just became one of the fortunate few who will
Get selected for the global opportunity of their choice…

“Because in a minute I will show you the SECRET I used in winning more than thirty
global opportunities worth over $30,000.00 and traveling to 5 continents… all expenses
fully funded!”

But before I do so,

Let me introduce myself

I’m Mrs. Aderinsola Adio- Adepoju, the Founder of I-Train Africa.

A University Teacher…

UNLEASH Ambassador 2021 & 2022…

UPG sustainability leader for 2021; A selection that was made from over 4000 applicants and
167 countries…

And above all…A Global Citizen!

Some People Call me:

THE CLARITY KING; because I have this uncanny ability to help people see things clearly…
and cut through the clutters”.

GLOBAL COACH; because I train people on how to become a global citizen… to stay abreast
with the trend and opportunities lurking around…(over 5000 of my students, who I trained
are now a global citizen)”


THE KNOWLEDGE DISTILLER; because I am a very good teacher.”


81 people from 20+ countries dropped testimonials for this course only. Let me show you some of them;

Here is what Naomi from Cameroon said about my teaching style:

“Prior to attending this course, I had no clear understanding on global opportunities, the types that existed and which I was eligible for! This course of 3.5hours provided me with in-depth clarity on how to basically navigate through when applying for global opportunities. This course wasn’t only designed for clarity purposes but it’s empowering too! I am super excited and many thanks to I-Train Africa and Mrs. Aderinsola for impacting our lives.”

Here's Lilian from Kenya:

“I must admit I greatly enjoyed this course for it has been creatively and passionately created and presented. The course is also highly practical as it responds to the current issues that most youths in Africa are facing. Similarly, it is easy to access and in case of queries, the technical team has always been quick to respond. This is the biggest social impact story of the time in Africa and the globe at large. I-Train Africa is such an incredible outfit led by a highly professional and passionate team. Keep mentoring youths to the global stage.”

“Thanks so much for the class, it is worth paying for. Now I know the area should focus on. I enjoyed every of your teaching explaining everything perfectly well even a layman can understand it. You are a perfect teacher”

Peter Blessing (Ugheli, Nigeria) @blesscollectio

Like you, I knew I wanted more in life,

I want to develop myself in my career as a lecturer…my business… and live a life of

I didn’t just want to be the “average joe” who just came, got married, gave birth to children and

I want to make a GLOBAL IMPACT (which is what I am doing with I-train Africa) … and give my
family a better life.

The only way I could get the resources… money… AND connections needed to do all these…
Is to apply for the GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES flying around on the internet begging and
waiting for people like us to come to take advantage of it.

Knowing this, I started applying for any INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES
that came up… and to my greatest surprise… I kept getting rejected.

The feeling I got each time I got rejected was very unpleasant…
If you have applied for grants… scholarships or fellowships and got rejected you will know what
I mean.

The feeling was so bad that…

I kept asking myself...

“Why in GOD’S name am I always denied each time I
apply for these opportunities?”

I kept having these thoughts.
kept pondering about them.
I didn’t stop applying for these opportunities and as always, I kept getting denied.
The circle continued, till I eventually BROKE the JINX!

Until I discovered the secret to winning any global
opportunity that presents itself…Be it GRANTS,

And that’s the SECRET I’m about to reveal to you…….Here we go!!!



A video course that contains knowledge on 10 different categories of global opportunities, what makes you eligible for them, which one(s) you need, where to find them and what to look out for when you find them.

Who is this Online Course for?

Youths & Professionals (20-45) looking to access, attract & win grants, fellowships, international speaking engagement, scholarships & other global opportunities to fund their self-development journey, grow their business, sponsor their education and get into global networks.

I’m confident you will get selected for any global opportunity if you apply this secret.

It took me “6 years” to master this secret.

Six years of SWEAT… TEARS, and BLOOD…

6 years of trying… getting denied… and living with the burden of disappointments while my pairs
celebrate their success…

I sat down, watched time fly, and couldn’t do anything about it…

Till I cracked the code and mastered the act of winning scholarships… grants…
fellowships… and getting access to international networks

For any global opportunity I apply for, I am 100% certain I will get selected because I know
what is required to get nominated.

A lot of the people don’t know this, they apply blindly and that’s the reason why they get

You see there is a saying- “my people perish for lack of knowledge!

Relating it to this context, it’s safe to say:
my people will keep getting denied for each global opportunity they
apply for… because they don’t know the nitty-gritty involved…
they are completely ignorant of the criteria needed to qualify or get

“This course was an eye opener. It was well taught and easy to comprehend. I got to understand a lot about global opportunities that can benefit me at this stage of my career. Thank you so much, Mrs AAA, your energy always gets me ready to learn. Thank you, I-Train Africa.”

Let's take a sneak peak into the course contents, shall we?

-What are global opportunities in case you don't know it

-The different types of global opportunities THAT EXIST AND THE ONES you should apply for

H-ow to know the types of global opportunities you are eligible for and the criteria required

-The DOCUMENTS you NEED, to apply for this opportunities (if you mess this up, you will SURELY get denied)

-The hidden places to search for these opportunities (HINT: only a few know about this)

-How to search for relevant opportunities on the internet

-The types of questions to expect! (This is the one reason 99% of the applicants get denied)

-The complete steps (that guarantee success) to follow to get any global opportunities you are applying for

-The reasons why people get denied when they apply for these opportunities and how to avoid them

-The COSTLY mistakes people make when applying that prevent them from being selected and why you should avoid them like a PLAGUE

And lots more.

The Second part of the global opportunity MY BLUEPRINT is a pre-recorded Workshop where we go in-depth and show you in real-time how to apply all you have been taught in the other half of the course.

So you're not just getting theory alone but also you get to see it done in real-time

Let's hear from more of our students:

“I have been on this course for less than 20 mins and I’m in love with your energy. I could not sleep till 1 am when i finished the course. I have been waiting for this all my life!”

Ivie Osobase (@iviefolashadeosobase) – Marketing and Communications professional.

“This course is simply pipped top of my online courses ever attended. The mode of presentation keeps me glued till the end, the practicality, the suspense for more information, the speakers’ ability to pass the knowledge in a simple way, the experience is just beyond words. I can confidently recommend this course to my friends”

“I wanted small money but she showed me how to get huge money, go global and make loads of

When I received the email saying I won the iSI scholarship on May 2, my mind flashed back to 2018 when I visited Aunty Derin as she had just returned from the UK. I wanted to ask her for money as per “rich person traveling all world now”. Only for her to say “Kunle, you think I traveled to the UK with my money?. It was an all-expense-paid research grant of £5000 o” . Then, my eyes opened. I forgot it was money I came to ask for. I wanted to know more about this secret to traveling all around the world on someone else’s money based on using my academics. This was the real deal, not the quick cash I came to collect. She took me on and showed me the important things to do, pointed me in the right direction so as I finished my undergraduate, I used the knowledge she gave to apply for the iSI scholarship. She was my referee and of course, she reviewed my application.

Olukunle Akinborewa (@ak1nborewa) – Cardiac Physiologist

Why You should get this course

Global opportunity my blueprint will teach you what global opportunities are and will enlighten you on which one you should apply for. It will take away the guesswork and increase your chance of getting selected.

You shouldn't apply for any of these hidden opportunities if you're not equipped with the right Knowledge. Else, you would just be wasting your time.

I don't know how old you are, but one thing I know is some of these opportunities are for a particular age range… So the older you get the slimmer your chances of qualifying for it gets. And if you're thinking you're still young, opportunity doesn’t wait for anyone. If you get denied today, how sure are you that the same opportunity you applied for will still be available. What’s the probability that the organization will not shift its focus to other areas?

You can be thinking you don’t need this course… you will apply for these opportunities on your own, well that’s not a bad idea. You can go ahead and do that, you might get lucky or maybe not… I did that and it cost me six years of my time to master all that is required to qualify for any kind of global opportunity available. 3 years to (get my first congratulation email) get selected and another three years to increase my odds to 100% of getting picked for any opportunity I apply for

The choice is yours to make… you are the captain of your ship.

Global recognition - While people have to struggle to achieve this, I could position for it and attract it.

Employment - I get to teach people from my experiences on my journey to the global stage and also get offered jobs for my expertise.

I am not saying yours might take that long, but what if it did?

My question to you today is do you even have time? Wouldn’t it be great to you use a TESTED and TRUSTED method that will help you win any global opportunity of your choice?

The choice is yours to make… you are the captain of your ship.

Listen, what I teach in GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY my BLUEPRINT has
helped 750+ youths from 40 countries…

“It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course. You have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and what areas of opportunities I need to pay attention to. Thank you I-Train Africa.”

See what Felicia, another ghanaian has to say too...

That's Not All, There Is More!


This is a 30-Point Downloadable Ebook That Helps Youths & Professionals Gain Clarity On Global Opportunities, The Categories That Exist, Which One You Are Eligible For, And Provides A Roadmap On How To Find, Organize, Fill, & Win Applications For These Global Opportunities (For Grants, Fellowships, Awards, etc.)

What Does This Ebook You Get As A Bonus Contain?

How to get this course

To get GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY MY BLUEPRINT worth #50,000 | $120

…And the FREE bonus worth N5,000 | $14

you need to pay the sum of N25,000 | $60.

But you know what, since my goal is to help you become a global citizen…

To get this course, all you need to pay today is JUST the sum of N10,750 | $30

(you need to act fast because the price will revert to #25000 | $60 soon!)

So, what’s it going to be?

Will you apply for these opportunities blindly and risk getting rejected ? (like I was for six years)…


Will you get the knowledge required to position you up for success…
And increase your chances of getting selected and going ahead to fulfill your dreams?

The time for talking is over… It’s time to take action. Click on the button below to get started:

I want to pay now but I have questions.

Here you go. We compiled a list of answers to the questions you may have



No, it is not a WhatsApp course. It is an online course meaning the video and audio lessons have already been recorded and when you pay for this course, you automatically get an email that will give you a username and password to log in to your school area and watch the videos.



You have access to the course for 12 months.



No you can't. The videos are not downloadable but you can login to your school area as many times as you want within the 6 months you have access to the course.



You will be given login details once you pay via the link, you will then be required to change your password, after which you will receive another mail to login with your username and new password.


How do I pay for this course and can I pay in my currency?

You can pay by card or bank transfer if you are in Nigeria and by credit/debit card from any other country in the world. You can also pay via western union into our dollar account.



#10,750 | $25



Any internet-enabled device like a smartphone, laptop, desktop etc. You can watch from anywhere in the world that has internet and an internet-enabled device.


What if I have more questions?

Send us an email or a WhatsApp chat +2348053453099

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