7 - Days


62% discount off our Most-advanced Learning Management System (LMS).


Are you a ...

You can now have your own cutting-edge, full-fledged online learning (school) website.

Designed by the best in the game.
(at a price you’ll never get it for again)

Experience matters…

Years Experience
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Brand Woked For
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What is Included in this offer?

Yes. All this😱.

And you still take advantage of our ongoing Black Friday discount and 5-days Sale.

 To see a “demo” of the layout and functionality of our online schooling website


No. We don't just design...

We also optimize your website for maximum conversions.

We are a full digital marketing agency.

Hence, we take a conversion-driven approach with our website designing.

We recognize that it is not ever enough to spend heavy on running ads…

You must also have an effective sales funnel in place that nurtures every website visitor to a point where they eventually buy.

What this means is this...

First off, we ALREADY SETUP a stylish personal website for you with:


Services page

About page

Course page

Shop page

Services page

Contact us page

Back-end "account" pages for your students to access courses, videos, and other resources

Then we optimized your website for conversions by:

Mapping out a digital product creator's customer journey from the start to the end of the funnel.

Set up sample optimized landing pages.

Set up sample sales pages

Set up Sample Automated funnels for effective lead generation purposes.

Set up sample email sequences into the email marketing tool

Setup tool to Automate your email marketing campaigns from A-Z

Finally, we turned your website to a masterpiece by adding cutting-edge features like:

Members-area feature for your online school

Payments gateways to allow automated login generation upon course/ebook purchase

Setup feature that allows users to access only the products they purchase in their account.

Automated login details for course access generation.

Easy video hosting feature.

And many more.

That's quite a lot right😱??

Did someone just ask… how much exactly does this cost?

Good question.

On a good day, when you walk into our agency to request our most-advanced “Learning Management System”.

You’re expected to pay a non-negotiable price of N350,000.

Mind you, you’re getting an…

Personal website + Online school + Sales funnel set-up + Automated Email Marketing Platform

In fact, I like to think N350,000 is already very discounted for what it’s really worth. And still…

Today, we’re offering you a takeaway discount of 62% off. No jokes.

Crazy right? But there’s a catch…

This is a one-time,7-day sale and it closes on the

And we will never ever put it at this price again.

Original Price: N350,000

Today Only: N129,999


Coach. Tutor. Instructor… 

If you would love your online school integrated with your personal brand website and optimized with a high-performing sales funnel…

This is the best offer you can’t get anywhere else!

The timing has never been more perfect!

You are just in time to ensure that you are stepping into 2021 to secure all the bags with your online school and e-commerce platform…

Built and optimized by the best in the business. 

But only if you take advantage now.

Remember, we will never sell it at this price again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a one-time payment. 

There are no hidden or recurring charges at all. This practically covers all we’ll be needing to set up your brand website, video hosting and other advanced functionalities.

However, you’ll need to pay a yearly renewal fee after the first 12 months. This is only because you’d need to renew for your domain, hosting, and licensing.

The answer is unlimited.

This is our most-advanced e-learning management system and it offers very sophisticated functionalities. There is no limit to size, quantity or quality. This is your online school (website) and you get to state the terms.

Yes, but it is optional. Your website functionality allows you to send all forms of transactional emails like payment receipts, log in details e.t.c. without paying a dime.

The monthly email marketing subscription is only for website owners that’ll need to mail their list regularly and run email marketing campaigns.

You don’t have to break the bank though, your email marketing monthly subscription costs only $15 monthly.

Not at all. 

As I said, this is your online learning school and you get to dictate the terms.

Your payment gateway is connected directly to the website, so all your money goes straight to you.

Your website would be seamlessly integrated with Amazon web services and your videos would be hosted and served from there.

That is not a problem as we’ve got you covered.

Alongside this offer, we’ve recorded an exhaustive library of tutorial videos that covers all you need to properly manage your website and also profit from it. This would cover how to create and upload courses, how to manage students, how to connect your courses to your sales pages and the likes

7 - Days


62% discount off our Most-advanced Learning Management System (LMS).


​Hurry Up! There's no much time left before our deals expires!


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