Pushing The Cause Of The SDGs Through Education Of African Youths, Women & Professionals On Global Employability

I-Train Africa Helping Africans Become Globally Employable

We help African YOUTHS, women, and PROFESSIONALS gain clarity, upskill, and become tech-savvy, globally visible, sustainability champions & global citizens by offering them simplified knowledge, information and mentorship on how they become GLOBALLY VISIBLE and EMPLOYABLE.

Registration is ongoing for our MUST-HAVE signature program, the WORKPLACE FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS (WFS) PROGRAM. Registration Closes on the 28th of July 2024. Classes Resume 1st August 2024

Who We Are

I-Train Africa is an Edtech social enterprise focused on sustainable development goals (SDGs) 4 -Education, 5 – Gender Equality, and 8 -Decent work and economic growth. This social enterprise was born owing to the apparent gap in the education offered in Nigeria and Africa. This education primarily doesn’t meet the needs of the 21st-century workforce. The gap I-Train Africa is bridging is the apparent disconnect between the knowledge and skills acquired from formal/vocational education and the knowledge and skills needed to work in the 21st century.

If you are African and literate and you are wondering what you need to be globally employable, whether as a professional with several years of experience or a beginner, browse through our simplified blueprint programs.

Our Aim

We aim to help youths and women clarify their career paths and upskill them for employability in their chosen careers.

We aim to build an Africa in which literate youths no longer lack employability skills, and our workforce has a sustainable pipeline of skilled workers.

With this aim, we say

Get Trained… Go Create…

Our Courses

Our programs are created for literate African youths who desire practical answers to "HOW and "WHAT" they should be learning/doing to excel in the 21st century. These video courses, ebooks, apprenticeship programs, and memberships were created to complement the typical educational knowledge received in the classroom. We aim to help youths, women, and professionals in Africa rise to the global stage by assisting them in gaining clarity, becoming self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses, taking steps towards upskilling, and using the newly acquired information, knowledge, and skills to become employable (jobs, freelancing gigs, starting enterprises) globally.

What You Get

We Have Got A Freebie For You: Click Image Below To Get It

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We Have Got A Freebie For You: Click Image Below To Get It


Get results and gain network

Our courses are not just instructions, they come with workbooks/guides/support/network to help you execute and achieve results. Other students in our community also get to be part of your network.

Point blank answers

Why do you have to search through thousands of resources wasting hours only to get answers to “what” and not “how” when you can get straight forward “how” answers that are specifically tailored to your life’s stage via our courses? The courses on our platform are tailored for youths and by youths who have experience in helping you solve your challenge.

Our Current Offer: The Workplace Foundational Skills Program - Cick Image

The Workplace Foundational Skills Program - The Must-Have Program for every youth, woman, professional or teenager who is looking to gain transferable skills set they can use to work globally especially remotely in any field.

Easy to follow

Enough of the dull black-and-white prints that make learning difficult. We use illustrations, colourful images, and models to make the knowledge accessible to consume.

Simplified content

Enough of reading and reading without understanding which knowledge to apply to what. Our courses, e-Books and programs use simple terms and real-life experiences to guide you on how to achieve results.

Browse The Skilled For Work Academy Programs - Click Image

Skilled For Work is a finishing school for literate youths and women starting their careers or transitioning and hoping to gain 21st-century, in-demand workplace skills to become globally employable

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Success Stories From The Skilled For Work Academy

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