Are you absolutely new to Postgraduate Scholarship and Admission?

Then this E-book is for you, just as the name implies this E-book is a blueprint that shows you

-The pathway to getting started on your Postgraduate studies

-The documents you will need to get ready before you start

-The differences between PG admission Application and Scholarship Application

-Which type of scholarship will favor your degree and field

-Getting Clarity on what you need to do a PG abroad

-Searching for the schools that offer your desired course

-Eligibility criteria for scholarships & schools abroad

-The types of qualifying exams you need to write

And lots more…

 2. THE 10 Types Of Global Opportunities Every Youth Or Professional Can Apply For And Win 

What does the word “GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY mean to you?

  • Are you an African youth (graduate or undergraduate) who desires  who has always heard “global opportunities and you think it is just grant and scholarships they are referring to?
  • Do you want to understand this term in simple English and know the ones you qualify for?
  • Do you wish to know how you can apply for and win them?
  • Are you an undergraduate, a recent graduate  (1-5 years), or a graduate with over 5 years of work experience and you have an academic project or professional but you do not know how it can be used to win a specific type of global opportunity?
  • Have you searched severally on the web for “meaning of global opportunities” but all you get is link to an “agent” or “agency” helping people “package” scholarship but a scholarship is not even what you need but an opportunity like the ‘Mandela Washington” fellowship but you have no idea who to ask?

Then this E-book is for you,  this E-book is an E-book That Helps Youth & Professionals Gain Clarity On Global Opportunities, The Categories That Exist, Which They Are Eligible For, And Provides A Roadmap On How To Find, Organize, Fill, & Win Applications These Global Opportunities (For Grants, Fellowships, Awards, Etc.)

However, this E-book is NOT for Professionals who have an understanding of global opportunities, how to get them and how to apply for them.

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