can i get a job with just soft skills?

Yes, you can. Here are some jobs you can start after taking the WFS before proceeding to our technical school.

How do we know this?

The Workplace Foundational Skills soft skills program alone can get you a job, and you will succeed because Joy, Mujib, Muinat, etc., got jobs with soft skills.

Joy’s job is also remote. So yes, the job can also be remote.

Here are some job titles our students have gotten with only soft skills.

Scroll down to see their picture at the end of this page and the things they can do after the program.

i already work, is this for me? how does it help me?

Yes, it is.

We recommend the WFS to you/everyone.

From our experience, over 80% of those on our WFS batch one and two are professionals already with years of experience and a job.

They did not realize the soft skills they lacked that could improve their efficiency at work until they joined the WFS.

They named the program the remote workers program.

If you are looking for a program that will give you transferable skills regardless of job role or field, our bestseller WFS is the way to go.

You can view the WFS curriculum below.

See what happened to Blessing in week 3 of the program. 

Blessing had initially reached out to say she knew she was rusty and lacked something on her job but did not know what it was. 

Is this for me?

Yes, it is if you want to have the digital, soft, and life skills no one talks about, but you need to be efficient in the 21st-century work environment.

You will need this as an

  • Entrepreneur
  • Working professional who has not upskilled
  • Artisan
  • Fresh graduate pursuing a career in the industry
  • Fresh graduate pursuing a career in academics

You will need it, especially when you do not know the essential skills, software and tools!

This is why we call it the 


What You Will Learn (Our Curriculum)


why do you need this? why do you need soft skills?

I know you have gone to school.

Here is the thing.

YOUR ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION IS ONLY 5% of what employers are looking for in the emerging job market. 

The formula of what you need to get jobs is


Here is what it means.

  • 5% educational degree,
  • 30% soft skills (what we covered in the workplace foundational skills program at the Skilled For Work Academy)
  • 30 % hard/technical skills (e.g., website development, digital marketing)
  • 35% experience (work or volunteering).

Score yourself in the above; what is your score?

If you can’t score 70% of the above, then YOU NEED THIS!

I know you can get technical skills like coding, digital marketing, data analysis, product management, cybersecurity, etc. elsewhere. 

But that is also 30% of what you need. 


What is worse?

That YouTube video you have watched also doesn’t have it. 

That other course you are about to buy or MSC you are about to get Doesn’t Have it. 


You will not find this curriculum elsewhere. 

Should you find it, it would be 10 times the money we are charging you now

One more thing: check the Harvard statistics below. 

what is my investment fee?

₦ 37,625 or $40 or GHS 582

How Does This Work?

Lessons are pre-recorded videos that you can watch at any time of the day.

With 1 hour daily, you will be able to learn and implement.

Only the workshops are live four times in 6 weeks at 3-5 pm (WAT). 

See the dates of the live workshops in the image for the current batch and the next.

What Is The Program Daily Course Schedule?

Use the button below to view the schedule for the June batch

What Platforms Are Used For The Learning?

4 major platforms, and they are all free to use. They are cloud-based platforms.

1) Our learning management system, i.e. website www.itrainafrica.com/courses—This is where our online course with the video lessons you will watch is hosted. The learning is already recorded, so you do not have to worry about missing classes.

2) Google Classroom – This is where you will submit an assignment

3) Telegram and WhatsApp—We use these to make announcements and offer support. Students also interact here.

4) Zoom/YouTube – This is where we host live workshops

is there support on this program? how does it work?

We have 4 levels of support.

Tech Support – Telegram

Peer-to-peer support – Telegram

Career clarity support – Zoom and WhatsApp

Accountability partner peering


The telegram, where we have four subgroups (interaction, wins & celebrations, tech support and announcements).

You can ask any tech-related questions on the Tech support group, such as the inability to log in to your online course or Google Classroom.

The wins group is to celebrate your results and process.

The interaction group offers you peer-to-peer support

The announcement channels ensure you never miss a news update

Why Choose Our Employability Academy?

  • DO AS I DO PROGRAMS: All trainings are hands-on—enough of theory. You already did that in school and still lack employability skills. Should we have a social media project requiring images, we give it to you. We teach you the design software needed to execute the task. No pilling up of learning till exam time.
  • GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES: Given my experience working globally and remotely twice, one of which was as a global program coordinator at the Museum for the United Nations, and my several years of teaching 300+ professionals from 10+ countries how to secure opportunities such as jobs, no one is better to teach you about getting employed globally than me, Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju. In some tracks of this program, we teach you how to search for global jobs.
  • FACILITATORS ARE PROFESSIONALS: Skilled For Work is not a theory-focused school. You learn directly from professionals or founders who have done it/are doing it, and you also carry out projects while on the program.
  • WORK PLACEMENT: At the end of the program, you have a job placement internship with our partner hubs to try out what you have learned. This applies to the PRO and Immersion models.
  • OUR CURRICULUM: We continuously review our curriculum to stay ahead of trends and what is obtainable in the market. One of the known problems of the conventional tertiary institution is an outdated curriculum, and we are NOT going that route.

  • CERTIFICATION: At the end of the program, you will be issued a certificate stating you are experienced and have worked in a real-life work environment. This helps a potential employer believe in you and increases your chances over others in the job market.

  • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION TO EMPLOYERS: If you take the GCP PRO model, which includes an internship, our partners with whom you interned will give you a recommendation letter. You can present this to employers.

  • ALUMNI JOB OPPORTUNITIES COMMUNITY: At the end of the program, we add you as a BONUS to our alumni community, where various global opportunities are shared and networking occurs. 

what is the process of learning in sfw?

How you learn or deliver your learning plays a significant role in how quickly you absorb the knowledge, how quickly you can implement it, and how quickly you get that desired job.

Here is our six-step approach.


The online school’s lessons are taken in modules. Each lesson is 5-20 minutes long. Each course has 5-10 modules, with an average of 5 classes per module. Yes, we like to keep it simple.


Projects/assignments are taken after each module. Depending on what you learned in the lesson, we give you a short practical project to practice with.


Quizzes will be taken at intervals during the modules to ensure you understand what you are learning. No, we don’t want that exam kind of mindset here; after all, we are more concerned about your ability to use the skills on the job, not a paper saying you can do it.


You will be in a support community with other learners and an advisor who will provide support and answer your questions.


Live group interactive learning sessions. We will hold bimonthly group sessions where you can go into breakout rooms to work collaboratively with other group members. This will foster an agile work culture where you need to work remotely. You will have 1-8 (depending on your model) Zoom classes before the end of the coursework, where you work with teams or in groups on projects.


Depending on the model you sign up for (PRO and IMMERSION), you will be assigned to a partner organization to intern.


What Will I Be Able To Do If I Take The Workplace Foundational Model Program On The Skilled For Work Global Employability and Job Shadowing Program?

You’re wondering how it will help you get that job.

You are wondering how this program can turn you into an attractive professional or freelancer whom employers want on their team

Here is it:

At SFW, every registered student must first go through the workplace foundational program irrespective of the career path YOU choose under the one-track professionals model (The model that teaches you at least the skillset needed for one in-demand job). 

So, irrespective of the career path you choose from the eight career paths we offer at SFW, at the end of this program, these are the things you will be able to do/have within.


How are we so sure? 

Let us look at some of the things that Joy, Sandra, Ganiat, Kunle, Dami, Muinat, Mujib, Aisha, Tobi, etc, can do now after going through our curriculum.

  • Know and understand the essential digital tools and platforms needed to carry out simple work tasks
  • Have clarity around the career path of choice
  • Write clear and concise emails and other email etiquette
  • Schedule meetings on various meeting platforms 
  • Write basic proposals for projects 
  • Create presentations at work for various purposes (weekly team meetings, project meetings, etc.).
  • Create accounts on collaborative work platforms such as Miro and navigate them.
  • Communicate effectively with people (team or customers or partners)
  • Create to-do lists
  • Create planners
  • Create SOPs (standard operating procedures) for repetitive tasks
  • Do basic data collation and entry into sheets 
  • Use cloud-based tools for storage and designs
  • Create simple forms 
  • Conduct research for activities such as product design, etc
  • Plan events (meetings, etc.) virtually using various tools and software (zoom, teams, etc.) 
  • Host and moderate events
  • Create Ebooks and their cover
  • Create a global standard CV
  • Create a cover letter
  • Update your LinkedIn
  • Create a Gantt chart for project planning
  • Create an inventory for your business
  • Create worksheets for tasks
  • Create flyers and social media images
  • Create a one-page website for your brand
  • Watermark your document 
  • Stream events from Zoom to YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Edit your academic project with ease
  • Have a 10-second elevator pitch to answer, “Tell me about yourself.”

And lots more


You Should Join This Program Now!!!

meet your facilitator

Hello, I’m Dr Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju; I have helped professionals and youths secure over $700,000, won/attracted (personal) 35+ global opportunities worth over $35,000 that took me to 5 continents, and shaped lives for living.

African youths are my passion, and my mission is to help 10 million of them become skilled, become relevant to the 21st-century workforce, and arrive at the global stage by 2030.

In 2021 and 2023, I organized the most extensive online youth conference for African youths and women. The 2021 & 2023 editions reached over 2.6 million people. The 2021 event saw participation from 40+ African countries, with 14,000+ registered attendees and 35 speakers from 25+ nations. In 2023, the GMC had 41 speakers and 24,000 registered participants from 54 countries.

I am an academic with a BSc, MSc, and PhD in Chemistry and a university teacher. I have been an entrepreneur for the last 14 years. I have a mini MBA from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) 

In 2022-2023

As the Design Lead, I worked remotely internationally with the Natural History Museum of London (NHM).

I also served as the Global Project Coordinator at the Museum For the 🇺🇳 United Nations (U.N. Live).

I have been featured in local and international press and media, such as the Voice of Canada, US InStyle Magazine, Women Radio, Tekedia, TVC, Punch Newspaper, and many others. I have several awards and am happily married and blessed with children.

What If i want the global career path model at SFW, do i still take this program?

Irrespective of whether you take the global career path or immersion model



The good thing is, if you pay for this now, you can upgrade within the next three months to the global career path model by paying the differential of the fee. 

What Are The Other REQUIREMENTS For This Program?

You need to have a smartphone, data, and laptop.

Can I Pay Installmentally for the programs?

Yes, you can pay installmentally, and here is how it works.



Our installment payment plan at SFW

Option 1 – Two time installment

Pay half in half.

You pay N115,563 twice


Option 2 – 3 time installment called pay-as-you-go

Pay for Soft skill program (WFS) alone which is 37,625

Pay another 107,500 that covers one hard skill

Then pay up the N91,325 before July 20.

Note, the first to last payment installment cannot exceed 3 months

What if I want intersnhip alone with your partners?

At SFW, EVERY registered student who wants to take the GCP PRO, IDEP, or TWHP, i.e., the programs with the internship, must first complete the workplace foundational skills program (WFS).

We promised our partners that you could work remotely with little supervision; only the knowledge of the WFS can guarantee you know how to use workplace tools for remote work, not the technical skills you learnt from us or elsewhere.  

When Is The Next Batch Starting For WSF

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Bank Name – Guaranty Trust Bank

Account name – I-Train Africa

Bank Account Number

Dollar – 0662088825 (For payments out of Nigeria)

Account Number Naira – 0640684188 (Nigerian payments)

what if i lack clarity on the career path or the programs to take?

I believe in first helping people get clarity


No matter how fast you race in the wrong direction, you can never arrive at the right destination” – Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju.

The program covers CLARITY, which is why Ifeoluwa mentioned it in the testimonial she sent to the Telegram community after taking the WFS. 

Read from Ifeoluwa Johnson

What If I Have More Questions?

Download the academy brochure here which contains answers to 30+ questions.

what if i have more questions?


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