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Will You Like To Arrive At The Global Stage?

Then At Least One Of Our Products, Services And Coaching Programs Here Is A Must Have


“A Professionals Complete Pathway To Securing Global/International Roles & Opportunities Using LinkedIn”

I-Train Africa Skilled For Work Program (SFW)


Skilled For Work is a finishing school for literate youths and women starting their careers or transitioning who hope to gain 21st-century in-demand workplace skills to become globally employable.

Our EBooks

THE Don’t do This If You Want To Attract Global Opportunitiues In 6 Weeks Or Less

The “DON’T DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO ATTRACT GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES IN 6 WEEKS OR LESS” Is An Easy-To-Follow Downloadable Ebook  To Help Early-Mid Career Professionals, Aspiring Thought Leaders, and Executives understand WHAT SHOULDN’T BE DONE ON LINKEDIN AND THE IMPORTANT SECTIONS TO OPTIMIZE TO ATTRACT INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. This 45 minutes read downloadable GUIDE contains some strategies I have used to help my premium clients like Phebe get noticed for global opportunities in 6 weeks or less.

10 Types Of Global Opportunities Every Youth Or Professional Can Apply For And Win 

The “10 Types Of Global Opportunities Every Youth Or Professional Can Apply For And Win “ Is A 30-Point Downloadable Ebook That Helps Youth & Professionals Gain Clarity On Global Opportunities, The Categories That Exist, Which They Are Eligible For, And Provides A Roadmap On How To Find, Organize, Fill, & Win Applications These Global Opportunities (For GransWill You Like To Arrive At The Global Stage?
Then At Least One Of Our Products, Services And Coaching Programs Here Is A Must Have

The Blueprint To Postgraduate Admission & Scholarship Abroad

The “BLUEPRINT TO POSTGRADUATE ADMISSION & SCHOLARSHIP ABROAD” Is A 27 Points, Easy To Follow Guide That Gives Clarity On How To Start Your Postgraduate Journey And Get Scholarship To Fund It Abroad” This 30 minutes downloadable Ebook is For Every Graduate or Undergraduate Seeking To School Abroad And Secure Scholarship To Fund It But Has No Clarity On How To Get Started.

Our Services

Linkedin Optimization One On- One Service +1-Month Coaching Support

This is  COMPLETE done with you service teaching you the entire process of building your profile and how to POSITION to ensure you no longer have to chase the opportunities you should be attracting. WE OPTIMIZE you to get noticed by those who matter to you. It takes about 6 hours. 

This service is for professional/thought leaders/executive or youth with an impact-driven mindset who needs people to reach out to them with global opportunities like jobs, awards etc

 Global Dream Clarity Session

1-hour where we discuss the opportunity that we can apply that best suits you and you can easily win no matter your stage of life or what you do. 

 Becoming The Globally Sort After Premium Coaching Program

You want us to help you become a high-performing thought leader with a clear direction on how to become globally relevant on both the local and international scene. You also want to understand the science behind becoming globally sought-after. I will love to hold your hand for 12 weeks on this journey to becoming the Globally sought-after. You are a top executive seeking recognition and accolades. You will be coached on how to become a person with clear strategy and direction on how to get into global networks, and access and attract the international opportunities you desire.

Blueprint Of A Startup

If you need to get you business off the ground and make your first millions without hiring multiple experts  to handle different parts at the early stage, this is for you. I am a generalist with great clarity and a specialist experience. I have run businesses in the last 12 years in running a product, service and virtual product businesses so their is no category of business you are starting I cannot give you a complete projection of what you need to do and how you need to go about it. You do not need a specialist who will teach you 1 thing that you cannot say if it will work, you need someone with an holistic view of all parts of the business with vast experience in managing and making profits from several businesses. 

Our Courses

The A-Z OF Winning Global Opportunities

The A-Z OF WINNING GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES is a 12-week, interactive online course that teaches youths, women, and professionals how to find, fill applications for, win, attract and maximize global opportunities such as grants, leadership training, global jobs, awards, fellowship, scholarships, business/innovation labs, etc.

My 14-Step Blueprint Phebe Used To Write The Profile That Attracted 3 Global Opportunities In 6 Weeks

It is a 5hour online course taught in a workshop to show you how to write 4 versions of a winning profile that you can use on various platforms to attract global opportunities.

Notice Me For Global Opportunities.

A 5.5-hour pre-recorded course showing professionals, thought leaders and youths with experience a 30-step guaranteed approach to optimizing and positioning on LinkedIn to get international organizations to notice you and offer you global opportunities.

For professionals who need people to reach out to them with global opportunities like jobs, awards etc. or wish to get invites to speak on their expertise at global events

Winning answers to 40+ questions asked in Business Grant Application & How to Create a Financial Statement

If you are a business owner and startup founder, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW to provide WINNING ANSWERS to 40+ questions typically asked in BUSINESS GRANT / BUSINESS TRAINING APPLICATIONS via this prerecorded workshop

Write Your SOP Like A Pro

A Video Course That Covers The Knowledge On How To Write A Powerful, Unique And Unforgettable Statement Of Purpose

Roadmap To Travelling Abroad With Your Academic Research And Projects

A 3.5 hours online video course to shows undergraduates, recent graduates and postgraduate students  how to use their academic research and projects to travel abroad 

Our Memberships

Accessing Global Opportunities Knowledge & Skills Fcaegroup Group (Free)


Our Apprenticeship Programs

I-Train Africa Apprenticeship & Skills Program


I-Train Africa Apprenticeship & Skills Program is for youths (15 upward) seeking to gain clarity, employability skills, soft/life skills & women who want to integrate back into the workforce after a break or change career parts without all the required skills in the starting and running of an online educational (tech-powered) brand/enterprise. This onsite (physical not virtual) program is for you if you seek mentorship from a global citizen and want to learn in a work environment within 3- 6 months the major aspects of an EdTech organization to be able to work in the tech-savvy environment, serve as an assistant to digital creators (coaches) or start something of your own and have the work ethics that are at par with your counterparts globally. You learn the soft, life, and employability skills required in a 21st-century workforce demanding tech-savvy and properly groomed youths.

Accessing Global Opportunities Knowledge & Skills Fcaegroup Group (Free)


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