2024 Graduate Report: Exploring the Unemployment Rate in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the rise of joblessness among recent graduates is a pandemic that has spread throughout the country.

According to university world news records, 600,000 graduates are produced each academic year, which is worrisome as it can be interpreted as a bulging increase in the number of unemployed youths annually. This unemployment rate in Nigeria has been a persistent challenge, particularly for recent graduates entering the workforce.

Highlighting 3 Important causes that can trigger an increase in the unemployment rate in Nigeria-

1. Mismatched Skills:

Great Owete, a talent acquisition manager at Edobest, mentioned that one of the significant causes of unemployment among recent graduates is the lack of skills suitable for the roles of their interest. He noted that most candidates interviewed for a particular job role do not even know about the position they’re applying for.

2. Lack of Work Experience:

I know you’re asking yourself: Can a recent graduate garner experience without being employed? Yes, it’s possible, and this is attributable to the fact that the workforce curriculum has allowed for opportunities like internships, volunteering, and apprenticeships, which are gateways that give you hands-on experience and equip you with the expertise needed for your job.

3. Lack of Employability Skills:

Employability skills refer to transferable skills and critical personal attributes essential for effective workplace performance. These skills are further divided into subgroups- Hard and Soft skills. In recent times, it has been observed that employers are very interested in the skills you possess rather than your educational background, and this is because it is believed that possessing specific skills determines if you will be a value-added employee or not.

Statistically, it has been proven that there are hundreds of jobs released daily; all you need is to make yourself qualified for the role of your interest. The world has gone beyond applying for job roles with just your certificate; employers want to see proven skills. Hence, you need to acquire skills relevant to today’s job market demands.

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