Career Clarity Guide- The 3 Ultimate Questions.

Career clarity is the foundation of a successful career path. It usually requires self-reflection, which enables one to discover revealed and hidden parts.

To get started on your career clarity journey, I have prepared 3 questions for you that will serve as a guide in helping you discover your true path-

1. What career path resonates with me the most?

To answer this question, you need to know your

Passion: What have you grown fond of? What is your desire?

Interests: What piques your curiosity? What gets your attention in a way that you can’t ignore?

Values: What do you value- a work-life balance, helping others, making impacts or creativity?

Activities: What do you enjoy doing? What type of tasks do you find joy in? What activities do you effortlessly engage in?

To answer the above questions, it’s vital to note that you must highlight answers of what excites you and makes you feel fulfilled. Think about the work you would enjoy even if you weren’t paid.

2. What are my perceived strengths and weaknesses?

To answer this question, you must highlight your skills, those you’re willing to work on, and those you don’t even want to try.

Strengths: Think about the tasks and activities you feel confident in and excel at. Remember the functions that come to you naturally and bring you joy.

Weaknesses: Think about the task you don’t enjoy or find challenging. You can either choose to improve on them or not try them at all. You shouldn’t build on all weaknesses.

3. How do I get started on my career journey?

The “how” comes with knowing the first path to building your career foundation. It’s understanding what you can start with or where you can garner experience—either through a course or through pathways like volunteering, internship, or apprenticeship. Look into industries that align with your passions, interests, strengths, and values. Seek potential growth to get the career paths that are available to you.

Finding answers to the above questions is essential before choosing a career path.

They have distilled the process of doing this in the CLARITY MODULE (module 1) of the Workplace Foundational Skills Program at the Skilled For Work Academy.

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These 5 video lessons can be completed in 1.5 hrs, and you are on your way to being very clear on what is next.

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As Written By I-Train Africa in 2024

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