The digital marketing industry doesn’t run on only technical skills for operations; it also requires soft skills for effective and smooth operations. These soft skills are as essential as the hard skills. A combination of these two is what makes you a top-tier digital marketer.

According to Access Master Tour, soft skills are the foundation for every other skill. Hence, the reason why soft skills are in very high demand by employers is that they provide them with an understanding of how positively you can contribute to the success of their organizations. 

Soft skills are personality and character traits that tell more about your person and how you can work under any given condition. They are also abilities that reveal how well you can interact and connect with other people. These skills revolve around creativity, communication, and critical thinking. As a digital marketer, soft skills are a must-have. 

In this article, I will discuss the six most demanded sets of soft skills required to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of digital marketing effectively- 

1- Communication: 
Communicating ideas, strategies, and results effectively is crucial in digital marketing. For instance, your team needs to launch a digital product, and you do not speak to the sales rep on the team to ensure their readiness to receive the traffic you are sending their way. The team will wake up to many inquiries and will likely be ill-prepared. You will have spent loads of money generating leads, but the sales department not being ready will have sales falling through the cracks. Good communication skills help convey messages, collaborate with team members, and engage with the target audience. In the above example, even if you may have done a fantastic job of setting up a marketing campaign, which is your technical skill, your lack of communication with the team will lead to your work being rated below average by your superior. 

2- Creativity: 
Digital marketing often requires thinking outside the box to create engaging content, campaigns, and strategies. Creativity helps capture attention, stand out from competitors, and keep the audience interested. A typical example is trending challenges to drive organic traffic for a campaign. These are some strategies a digital marketer is expected to introduce to the team to reduce their cost of leads. What is expected beyond knowing how to get paid traffic? Are they creative enough to think creatively? 

3 – Adaptability:
Every successful digital marketer understands that the landscape constantly evolves, with new technologies and trends emerging. Adaptability allows marketers to quickly adjust strategies, embrace new platforms, and stay ahead of the curve. This cannot be overemphasized. A slight change in cost per lead during a campaign can lead to a massive loss for an organization. A digital marketer must know how to tweak campaigns as it progresses to stay profitable. 

4 – Analytical Thinking:
Data analysis plays a significant role in digital marketing. Analyzing and interpreting data helps make informed decisions, measure campaign performance, and optimise strategies for better results. Beyond setting up ads, the ability to think critically and analyze the metrics is as important as, if not more important, setting up ads.

5 – Problem-Solving:
Digital marketing involves overcoming challenges and finding solutions. Strong problem-solving skills enable marketers to identify issues, brainstorm solutions, and implement effective strategies to achieve desired outcomes. Problems encountered, such as restriction of Ads account or rejection of Ads, are common, and the digital marketer should be skilled enough to troubleshoot.  

6 – Time Management: 
Digital marketing often involves managing multiple tasks, campaigns, and deadlines simultaneously. Good time management skills ensure that projects are completed on time, priorities are set, and productivity is maximized. Time is always of the essence in digital marketing campaigns. This time is more pronounced when managing campaigns that are time sensitive, e.g, Black Friday campaigns. Combining the skills mentioned above with your technical skills can help you as a beginner to become a successful digital marketer and thrive in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Are you finding it difficult to equip yourself with the right skills? 

Then, you must remember that two primary skills are required in every profession. The soft skills I have discussed and the technical skills allow you to carry out the primary task associated with the job. 

In choosing an academy to learn from, select one that combines both sets of skills in the right proportion. 

Skilled For Work Academy by I-Train Africa not only teaches you the technical skill of digital marketing but also ensures it gives you a great start by clarifying how you get into the digital marketing space and the foundational workplace skills you need to succeed. 

As written by I-Train Africa

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