Top 7 Essential and Required Soft Skills in 2024- Navigating Your Path As A Job Seeker (Part One)

One thing I have come to realize is that the majority of the skills highlighted in resumes and CVs need to be possessed, not just listed. As someone who has been an employer of labour for 13 years and heads three organizations, I have conducted several interviews, and one notable observation I can point out is that most job seekers google skills and write them on their resumes to make their resumes look good: zero possession. I must emphasize the importance of not just knowing these skills to make them look good on your resumes; I need you to put them on top.

Soft skills are not tied to a particular job or industry. They are a MUST-HAVE universal characteristic that will help you thrive in any organization. They determine how you interact with others and how much value you can add to an organization.

Today, I’ll be highlighting just 3 of these skills, and they are-

1. Communication

This is more than just speaking or emailing; it goes beyond that. The soft skill of communication involves various elements, such as listening, giving feedback, and conveying your words concisely and courteously, either verbally or nonverbally.

In a professional setting, it is the effective exchange of ideas, information and emotions among colleagues.

Importance—It is essential because it gives you the information you need to perform well, build a positive work environment, foster relationships with colleagues, and eliminate inefficiencies.

2. Critical thinking

Critical thinking is an essential skill that helps you analyze and evaluate information objectively. It involves questioning, reasoning, and examining evidence to form well-informed judgments and make sound decisions. Thinking critically means actively seeking to understand different perspectives, consider alternative solutions, and weigh the pros and cons of a situation. This is an important skill and a must-have for every aspiring leader.

Importance—It helps you avoid biases, assumptions, and logical fallacies, allowing you to arrive at more accurate and rational conclusions. By developing/honing this skill, you can become a better problem-solver and decision-maker.

3. Problem-solving-

It is a valuable skill that helps you overcome challenges and solve various situations. It is essential because it ensures that you can succeed, even when working under pressure, and deal with issues when they arise.

Developing/honing the above skills means you will be a value-added employee.

Please be on the lookout for part two of this article, covering four more soft skills.

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